English is a very versatile language. Though it’s just 26 letters been used as the International Language, English itself varies from community to region to continent. The two most powerful English language styles are the UK (British) and the USA kind. Not only does it differ from writing styles, but also the tone of speech, grammar and vocabulary as well. The difference between American and British English is spectacular.

However, understanding the difference and embracing the language are two different topics. This article is not about proving which tops the other, nor discussing the differences but rather introducing the best ways to learn British English, which is considered as royalty and the original version of English itself.

Back in the day, we would’ve looked through loads of papers and pay for mediocre classes to learn British English, but this is the technology era, why not make the best use of it?! There is one sanctuary we go to all things learning. you guessed it’s school? No, it’s Youtube. All the way from food recipes and makeup tricks to eating etiquettes and motivational boosts, Youtube is our saviour. Even learning a new language is so easy.

Speaking about languages, if you want to learn how to speak like a British, Youtube has some of the most interesting channels and episodes for you. Take a look at our list below and them until you’re a mere English guru.

English with Lucy

English with Lucy Youtube Tutorial

Lucy Bella is an adored English teacher known among the Youtube community as a Pro. Not only does she use a simple approach, but the little topics she brings out are very interesting too. Many of us hate it when lessons drag on for too long or finish too soon or abruptly. But Lucy’s videos are pretty well-timed. You can listen to a lesson even during a busy time and still grasp it all especially if your native tongue isn’t English. Plus, her approach is very light and friendly which makes you comfortable when learning.

English like a Native

English like a Native Youtube Tutorial

Speaking like a British is one thing, sounding smart while you do same is an attitude we all should master if we are willing to learn British English linguistics. Anna, on English like a Native, focuses mostly on how to command your language at a corporate job interview, generic conversation and for effective communication at any given instance like a Royal or a scholar.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English Youtube Tutorial

What else place can we think of learning proper English other than the British Broadcasting Corporation itself?! The BBC Learning English youtube channel compared to others, maintains a traditional English tutor method, where simplicity is given more preference and each lesson is detailed to grammar and more in-depth knowledge. If you’re a beginner or a serious British English learner, this would be perfect for you.

British English with Natalie

British English with Natalie Youtube Tutorial

Natalie’s British English Lessons focuses more on pronunciation, the usage of words and knowledge of the language too. She hosts quizzes and discusses the differences between American and British English, which is ideal if you’re shifting from one to the other. Also, her videos are quite simple and quick, so understanding wouldn’t be tough.

English by Jade

English by Jade YouTube Tutorial

Jade’s English is not just a mere Language lesson, but rather finding the best suit of language style for your personality. She takes a very teacher-like approach, so it’s easy for foreign nationals to learn the basics of the language before jumping into heavy conversations or learning full-formed phrases. Her language proficiency is remarkable and interesting to learn.

Oxford Online English

Oxford Online English Youtube Tutorial

This Youtube channel is one of the best platforms to learn British English. There are multiple contributors who would talk about different topics each time. From improving fluency and sentence structures to linking words and understanding British slang. Oxford Online English is the perfect place to learn theoretically practical English, for all nationalities.

Pronunciation with Emma 

Pronunciation with Emma Youtube Tutorial

Emma’s lessons on British English pronunciation solely focus on learning your language all by yourself. For those who don’t have partners to practice with or is embarrassed to tell others about your newest passion of learning British English, can always turn towards her youtube channels. Additionally, she talks about the different accents of English in Britain. Many think all British English is the same, but the differences between the Northern and Southern Accents are just amazing!

ETJ English

ETJ English Youtube Tutorial

Elliott is an accent coach, who – on ETJ English, helps people gain confidence through their British Accent. His approach in lessons include phonetics, learning expressions, connected speech and intonation. Doesn’t matter if your mother tongue is English or a different language, ETJ lessons are ideal for any type of learner.

Crown Academy of English

Crown Academy of English Youtube Tutorial

Crown Academy lessons are given by Andrew, a British citizen who is a TESOL qualified English teacher. He focuses more on the theoretical accuracy of British English. He touches topics of proper preposition usage, past – present tense, IELTS preparations, Business English and all the technical linguistics one should know prior to talking English properly. Being honest – this is pretty much like a typical classroom lesson which can get quite boring, but we assure you, there’s a lot to learn.

Wrap Up

So here we go! We found you the top Youtube channels to learn the British Tongue. Some of the above mentioned are for professionals who are looking for serious lessons, while some are for those who are just passionate about English. Do you love how speaking like a Brit makes you look so smart all of a sudden? It feels good. Haven’t tried it yet? Watch these, learn a few phrases, think of yourself as a proper Cambridge kid and start speaking! You’ve got this!

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