It is possible to earn money by playing video games in today’s world. People make extra money by completing missions of the games. You have to choose the correct games to make money. Earlier, people were getting rewards in video games, but there was no way to convert your winnings into actual cash. But now, people can play play-to-earn games and win cryptocurrency and NFTs as rewards. Players have to win the battles and complete other tasks to win these digital assets. You can earn plenty of money by selling the gaming NFTs in the marketplaces.

Now, players have the chance to use their in-game items like skins, wearables, and weapons to make money. They can turn them into NFTs and sell them to others. Also, many blockchain games have native tokens that give returns to the players. It is easy for many players to make money through blockchain games. Now, players do not need to earn money through live streaming or participating in tournaments. The popularity of blockchain games is also increasing day by day. You can also enjoy play-to-earn games like SolChicks. Below, you can check all details about this blockchain game, so keep reading:

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the latest play-to-earn game based on the Solana blockchain. It is a PvP battle game where players can make money by investing their time. They have to complete missions and raids in the game. You will get the in-game currency named $CHIKCS and Slc tokens. The story of SolChicks centers on the SolChicks, a race of combat chickens from planet Chicco. A tragedy happened when SolFox attacked SolChicks in Chicco. Only a few SolChicks survived the attack of SolFox. Also, they are in the Solana blockchain, and gamers have to join them to complete their mission. Players have to collect, feed, and battle SolChicks in the game.

Also, you will get the NFTs of the SolChicks throughout the game. There are 10,000 SolChicks, and each one is unique. Players can also breed two SolChicks to produce SolEggs. SolChicks is the best play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain. Over 70,000+ people have played the demo version of this game. Also, this game had a world-record IDO on 35 launchpads simultaneously. It has a social community across Twitter, Discord, and Telegram of over 600,000 people within three months. The alpha version of SolChicks will release soon on its website.

Reasons To Play SolChicks

Below, you can check the reasons to play this Solana blockchain game:

  1. The best thing about the SolChicks game is that it uses the Solana blockchain. Solana is a decentralized blockchain known for its speed, economics, and reliability. It makes lightning-fast transactions. It ensures that transactions remain less than $0.01. The records of the ownership of the in-game assets also remain safe.
  2. Another best thing about the SolChicks game is its features. Here, players participate in the PvP battles and raids. You have to bond with your SolChick by feeding and taking care of them. Also, players can train their SolChicks for the battles in the game. There are also features like breeding, farming, occupation, marketplace, and more.
  3. Players can earn money through the SolChicks game. Here, players will get $CHICKS tokens as rewards. Also, there are NFTs and Shards of Love that you can trade on marketplaces.
  4. SolChicks has a passionate team of over 100 members with a proven track record. Their team has a long-term vision, and they have already built successful blockchain projects. It includes a management team from prestigious business institutions, such as Wharton and McKinsey & Company.
  5. SolChicks have vast partnerships with leading blockchain institutions. They have partnerships with Chainlink, Brave, Grape, Altura, and more. Also, companies like Labs, Unanimous Capital, Fundametal Labs, Blocore, KV Ventures, and more have invested in this game.

Earning Through SolChicks

SolChicks has their native cryptocurrency named $CHICKS tokens. It is a Solana-based token available on Raydium and other centralized exchanges. Also, players will get $CHICKS as a reward for their performance in the game. They have to invest their time in the game and complete missions to win prizes. Players get ranked in the game through weekly leaderboard / MMR rankings. There are also NFTs and Shards of Love rewards that anyone can trade on real-world exchanges. You can sell the SolChicks NFTs on the platforms like Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solshop, Solsea. The characters of SolChicks are the NFTs that players get in the game. There are 10,000 SolChicks NFTs with distinctive attributes.

Also, players can breed two SolChicks and gain special NFTs. The price of these special SolChicks NFTs will depend on the status of the parents in the SolChicks meta-universe. The developers of the SolChicks also said that players earn profits through growing crops and can trade them on marketplaces. Also, there will be quarterly bonuses for the finest warriors on the battlefields. Players will also get SolCoins, in-game currency for different purposes in the game to enhance return on time for players.

How To Play SolChicks

Now, players can enjoy the demo version of the SolChicks game. You have to visit their official site and click on the Play Our Game Demo option. After that, you have to link your Twitter account with the SolChicks game. Players have to provide their names and email address. You have to subscribe to SolChicks tweets and retweet the record that you gained access to the demo.

Also, do not forget to buy SolChicks NFTs as it is necessary to start the game. Then, you have to choose a class of your character from Bishop, Gladiator, and Wizard. You can start bonding with your SolChick and participate in the PvPs and raids.


So, SolChicks is the best metaverse gaming platform through which players can make money. You will also enjoy the unique gameplay and graphics of this blockchain game. Here, you will get crypto coins and NFTs as rewards. So, invest your time in SolChicks to earn money.