For many people who love gambling, playing at casinos is extremely fun and thrilling. However, the experience is better if you take some winnings home. This is why people devise and employ various tricks to increase their odds of winning. On this note, here are some sneaky ways people cheat at casinos.

1. The Hidden Camera

This maneuver necessitates the use of a concealed camera hidden up the cheater’s sleeve. Often used together with an IR earpiece, it is one of the most effective poker cheating gadgets out there. The devices are so tiny and concealed so an opponent will hardly detect them. When the player cuts the deck of cards, the player drags the cut card over the top of the deck, slightly separating the cards. An accomplice watches and relays the details to the gambler through an earpiece while the camera tracks the cards.

2. Card Switching

This is a long-standing cheating technique that involves cheats concealing cards within their sleeves and then depositing them on the play table at the right time. While it used to be just a sleight-of-hand trick, it has evolved to include the use of hidden “holdout” devices. Gamblers use the device to deposit a card hidden up their sleeve and then remove and hide cards from the table. Unless you’re paying keen attention, these tricks will go unnoticed unless.

3. Roulette Past Posting

One of the oldest cunning tricks in the book is past posting in roulette, and it still plagues the industry. It’s also quite simple. After the ball has fallen in the roulette wheel, cheaters put their chips on the winning number. Typically, one conspirator may distract the dealer, and a second player will place his chips on the winning amount, with his conspirator’s different colored chips underneath. The second player’s chips will be taken away if he is captured, but the first player’s chips will stay.

4. False Shuffle

While most other cheats can be done solely by the player, the presence of the casino’s card dealer is needed for this casino cheat to function. The dealer uses a fake shuffle, which appears to be a normal shuffle but leaves some cards in place secretly. To the other players, the shuffle looks ordinary and cannot be easily noticed unless of course, they are really careful to notice. This helps the conspiracy participants who have been keeping track of the cards to know when the unshuffled cards are dealt. Once they are handed over, they can easily get them out and, well, cheat!

5. Dice Slide

During a craps game, instead of tossing the dice, some cheaters have been known to slip dice down the table without adjusting the number that is facing up. Cheaters usually try to manipulate only one dice so that the bouncing one gets all of the focus. They may also use a sleight-of-hand trick to turn the die so that it slides more steadily, adding to the aspect of deception. While it is not the most common trick out there, it may result in a large payout for those who pull it off โ€” as well as a significant loss for the casinos.

6. Card Counting

Rather than cheaters, players who count cards are called “advantage players,” or people who use an advantage they have to win. It’s legal if they use their minds to keep track of the worth of the cards they’ve seen to calculate the proportion of high cards to low cards left in the deck. If anyone uses a gadget, such as a card counting machine, however, the act becomes cheating. The latter is more common since it’s quite hard to keep track of the numbers.

Cheating is not a new thing in casinos. Many players who are sneaky enough utilize various tricks to maximize their winning odds. The above are just a few that you could get away with if youโ€™re smart enough to perfect them.

Finally, casino cheating is a high-risk, high-reward venture. There’s a lot of money in the casino industry, which makes it a very appealing target for those looking to cheat or scam their way to riches.ย

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