How will you know if you’re ready to have an open relationship? Over the years, it’s instilled in us that we can only have a relationship with two people in and with extreme exclusivity when it comes to sex as well as emotions. Even so, sexual exclusivity does not always mean a relationship is satisfactory or brings happiness, so many people opt for an open relationship to have more freedom with their partners.

Open relationships don’t involve cheating, as both parties need to give their consent for it to take place. Knowing both people’s limits is very important for the relationship to work in the best way, and communication is an essential tool for achieving this. If the couple don’t communicate properly, no relationship can sustain itself in the long term. That’s why it’s important to lay down ground rules to start with.

When you start having doubts about only wanting to be with your partner, your body is asking you to experience new things, whether it’s because your exclusive relationship is stuck in a rut or because the flame of passion has gone out. This is how places like Europe and Asia are at the forefront of new ways of life. One of the most open-minded countries is England, where there are couples open to incredible encounters with impressive escorts in cities like Birmingham, who have learnt to communicate properly in their relationships, exploring and expressing their own desires.

This type of relationship is adopted by couples who know how to separate love from sex; they have the desire to have sex with other people, but they maintain an emotional bond with their partner. In any case, if you think you’re able to separate your sexual desires from your feelings, this could be a sign that you could consider an open relationship.

Open relationships are not suitable for everyone. Often, they end up not working out because some kind of pressure is being put on one partner or agreements are not totally accepted. For it to work, you have to let your partner make the decision that’s right for them and make sure that decision fits with your aims. One of the most important aspects is to have enough trust to talk to your partner about anything without ending up arguing. Mainly, talking about both people’s fantasies and desires with no taboos or embarrassment of what the other person might think.

First think about the kind of relationship you want to have and what you’re searching for for yourself. If you want to try new things and experiment, explain the reasons why you want to do so. Make your priorities clear, be honest with your partner and define the type of relationship you want to have.

Honesty between you and your partner is essential to knowing if you’re both in agreement on what you want to achieve, and which lifestyle is best suited to your relationship.

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