Leaks and other roof problems aren’t only annoying. They can also negatively impact your home’s aesthetics, as well as its value. Hence, it should be dealt with right away.

However, not many homeowners notice if their roof is still in its best condition. Apparently, leaking water from your ceiling (which could damage your roof further, as well as your belongings and your interior) isn’t the only sign that you need immediate repair.

Sometimes, roof issues aren’t noticed right away because of the subtle signs that will make you think of other causes. When this happens, the issue may worsen, which could lead to more expensive repairs.

So, how will you know if there are any issues with your roof? Here are some signs you need to look out for.


Roof leaks are not always obvious. Sometimes, you will not see water dripping from your ceiling. Rather, you’ll see small black spots or stains that grow bigger over time. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ordinary stain on your ceiling. This is black mold.

When your roof is leaking, water can seep into your ceiling or attic. This water, as per authorities of leaking roof repairs in Perth, can get trapped and cause moisture over time, which molds love. Thus, stains may start to show on your ceiling.

In most cases, molds are caused by high humidity. So, it’s easy for one to think that the temperature is the only culprit. But, if it’s growing on your ceiling, it’s safer to just have your roof checked by a professional as it may likely be the culprit. And if it really is what’s causing the mold to grow, have it repaired immediately, so it won’t further cause damage.

High Energy Bills

Now, you might wonder, why high energy bills are on this list. Apparently, when your roof is not in its best condition, it becomes too permeable. Thus, holes might easily occur.

When this happens, especially if you’re using air conditioners or heaters, your unit will have to work harder to warm up or make your home colder. As a result, it takes up more energy, which can cause higher electricity bills. That said, it’s important to keep track of your energy bills, as well as your roof’s condition.

Room is Either too Hot or Too Cold

Speaking of holes on your roof, it could also cause extreme temperatures in your room. This is because the heat, during summer, or the cold, during winter, can enter your room through the holes in your roof.

Because of that, even if you already have air conditioners or heaters in your home, the effects they give are still not enough to provide you the right temperature you need.

Missing or Loose Shingles

Your roof shingles are there not just for aesthetic purposes or for property value. Yes, they look pretty sitting on top of your home, making your property look more elegant. But, apparently, they’re there because they serve as protection for your home’s interior. They prevent water damage, insulate your home, and even hold down your energy bills.

But, sometimes, unfortunate things happen that could cause them to fall off or loosen. This includes high winds, which could cause you to lose some of them. Sometimes, their quality is also affected by poor installation. Thus, they start to become loose.

When this happens, it’s a safer choice to not let it sit there like that for a long time as the problem could get worse. It could cause leaks and moisture build-up, to name a few. You should have it repaired or even replaced immediately, especially before a storm comes.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof also needs an immediate solution. Several reasons cause it. Some of them are snow and ice buildup, wind pressure, and excessive roofing material layers. Sometimes, it could also be because your roof is already aging, which causes the structure to deteriorate. Or, it could be due to improper design and construction.

Regardless of what’s causing it, it is one of the roof issues that need immediate attention. This is because your roof will not be able to function at its best anymore. Just like other roof problems, it could cause leaks that could lead to mold build-up and more.

Depending on how much it has already been damaged, the repair or replacement may vary. But, remember the more issues that need to be fixed, the more expensive the repair or replacement will be. So, if you see any sign of an issue, call a professional to fix it right away to prevent expensive bills.

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