Buying gifts for your man is a splendid way of showing your care for him. Clothing and other wearable items are common gifts girls buy for their boyfriends. However, the right choice of clothes can mean the difference between a fantastic gift and a bland one. Men can have varying tastes in clothing style and have different standards of comfort, so you need to be attuned to their needs before buying clothes, or else it would be a wasted effort. To help you with your decision of buying clothes for your boyfriend, read on for some pros and cons to keep in mind.

Buying Designer Clothes

Women are more assertive about their fashion needs than men, and they would often want their men to have the same fashion sense as theirs. Some women find a particular appeal in wearing designer clothing and items. While their intentions are good when they want to buy designer clothes for men, doing so can have its merits and drawbacks.


Men who have a trendy fashion sense can appreciate having designer clothing bought for them. If your man loves to make statements through his clothing, he will appreciate you buying designer brand clothing for them. If your man already has a large collection of branded shirts, look for different types of pants for men that have iconic brands and designers. While it can be good to add to his shirt collection, buying designer pants that complement their upper wear will be much appreciated. It will mean a lot to him if you are trying to make his getup complete.


Price can be a significant drawback to buying designer clothes. Compared to lesser-known brands, clothes from designer brands are more expensive. Also, some popular brands have limited designs and colors available, which can sometimes be inconvenient if your boyfriendโ€™s color preference is not available. Another disadvantage is you may end up buying imitation or fake designer clothes if you do not have a keen eye for differentiating a fake from a genuine item.

Buying Cheap Clothes

If you are the type of person whose fashion preference is wearing something trendy or chic at an affordable price, you can apply that preference to your purchase of menโ€™s clothing. What some women do not know is that men are also conscious about budgeting and getting the most out of what they buy and things bought for them. Depending on the personality, lifestyle, and preference of your man, the pros and cons below can be drawn.


If your man has a laid-back preference in clothing or is also budget-conscious, he would most likely approve of your purchase choice. Not all men would put stylishness and luxury at the top of their priorities when it comes to clothing preference. Some prefer comfort and functionality on top of fashionability. If your man shares the same fashion and purchase preferences as you, then buying cheap but stylish clothes is an excellent decision.


Buying cheap clothing can be undervalued by men who have discriminating tastes when it comes to clothing. There is also the concern of quality and workmanship in buying cheap clothing. However, not all affordable clothing can be equated with poor quality, as there are some quality and durable clothes that are sold at cheap prices.

Adding Your Touch and Fashion Sense

Some women would like their men to try out a different fashion style or color for a change. There is nothing wrong with this. Some men donโ€™t mind this minor meddling in their clothing style as long the change does not deviate too radically from their tastes. Again, caution is advised with this approach, as it can work in your favor or backfire on you.


If your guy is adventurous and open-minded when it comes to fashion, he can easily notice and adjust to the changes in his clothing style. He would be a willing fashion guinea pig if you like to inject your creativity and personal touch into his clothing. If the clothes you pick fit comfortably and the colors or design are still along the line of his preferences, he would appreciate you making the effort to make him look more stylish and trendy. If your added touch is to his liking, he might also come to integrate it into his fashion style.


If you are not careful and make drastic changes to his style with the clothes you choose, you might come out as intrusive or meddlesome to him. Not taking a subtle approach with your fashion modification could make him disapprove of your change and lead to arguments. Do not be insistent or pushy after his initial doubts or apprehension about your suggested style. Instead, ask him nicely to give it another quick try if it looks good.

There can be several stumbling blocks when it comes to buying clothes for your boyfriend. Even if your intentions are good, there is still a chance that the clothes you buy will turn out as ordinary or generic if you do not consider his personality, preference, and needs in your decision. The pros and cons presented here should hopefully improve your choices and decisions in buying clothes for your boyfriend and enrich your relationship through a stronger fashion connection.

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