Semi-trucks are larger and heavier than the average automobile, and any accident that involves the vehicles could produce serious injuries and fatalities. Blind spots, the distance between the vehicles, and what drivers do on the road contribute to these accidents. When reviewing the causes of the accidents, drivers can discover new ways to stay safer on the road.

1. Remain Alert While Driving

The driver must stay alert while driving at all times. Distracted driving is a common reason for all auto accidents, and all it takes is for the driver to look at their phone for a second, and an accident is possible. Driving and texting or driving while using a mobile phone is illegal in many states for this exact reason.

Experts recommend placing the phone out of reach and using hand-free services if necessary. Many automobiles have sync features that allow drivers to answer calls without taking their eyes off the road. However, drivers remain safer around 18-wheelers if the individuals refrain from answering calls. Victims who were involved in a truck accident get started on a legal claim by contacting an attorney now.

2. Keep Some Distance

When driving around an 18-wheeler, drivers should stay at least two or three car links away from the truck. Commercial vehicles could stop suddenly without much warning, and a driver in a smaller vehicle could drive into the base of the trailer and become injured or die. By maintaining the space between the car and the 18-wheeler, there is a cushion that allows the driver to stop behind the truck without causing an accident.

3. Pass the Trucks from the Left Lane

Commercial drivers have fewer blind spots on the left side of the vehicle, and the person can see all vehicles on this side of the truck and trailer. When an automobile drives around the right side of the truck, the driver cannot see the vehicle. This places the auto driver at risk.

4. Use Signals Appropriately

Traffic laws require all drivers to use signals when turning in any direction. If the drivers use their turn signals appropriately, the rate of an accident could decrease. A common reason for trucking accidents is inappropriate signaling and sudden or unexpected turns.

Commercial drivers are cautious on the road, but the drivers cannot monitor the entire road at all times. The vehicle is large and requires careful attention from the driver. Auto drivers around the truck drivers must use their turn signals to improve safety on the road.

5. Define Blind Spots for Truck Drivers

The most common blind spot for the truck is around the back of the vehicle and along the right side. Even with mirrors, the truck drivers cannot see the entire right side of the truck or the trailer. When traveling around the right side, auto owners must be careful and ensure that their vehicle doesn’t remain in these blind spots for a long time. If the driver needs to pass the commercial vehicle, the left lane when available is the best choice.

Trucking accidents are caused by a variety of conditions, including adverse road conditions. Auto owners must play their part in keeping everyone safer on the road. No driver should ever use their mobile phone when driving around 18-wheelers, and hands-free features are recommended. By reviewing strategies for remaining safer around 18-wheelers, drivers learn how to decrease the risk of a trucking accident.

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