If we weren’t obliged with responsibilities to stick to one place, we would definitely leave life behind to find life elsewhere. Travelling is our ultimate goal, but with all the fun comes the responsibilities as well.

If you are a frequent traveller on business or a travel addict – in most cases – you may unknowingly do little harms to the eco-sustainability without your own knowledge. According to researches, none can be blamed for this cause. However, adapting to change and trying a new trend can always make a difference.

This article introduces you to Eco travelling and tips on how to become a responsible traveller and save the earth through an ecological living!

What is Eco Travelling?

It may sound complicated but eco travelling is just as simple as breathing, but responsibly. Linked to Eco Tourism – every traveller should keep in mind not to harm the environment nor disrespect cultural practices at the place of visit. Protecting nature can start with simple acts like reducing usage of polythene, reducing excessive use of paper, littering and limiting carbon emission.

Going Green & Still Enjoy the Journey

Book Non-stop Flights if Possible

When you’re travelling overseas try to avoid landing flights, instead prefer to book a Non-stop flight. The journey might be a bit hectic but Airplanes create the highest amount of Carbon Emissions when landing and taking off. Now, this might sound pretty harmless if it’s just one trip, but if everyone thinks as such, we aren’t making a change!

Besides, the plus point, you could reach your destination faster! Which means more time for adventure!

Try Public Transport for Road Trips

This may sound traditional. Yes, it’s a bit inconvenient but its way cheaper than booking a cab on a Solo journey. If you are a germ-freak have a pocket sanitizer! Believe in it, it’s a saviour! This transportation option once again reduces the massive amount of poisonous carbon entering the atmosphere in pretty much Half! As a plus point, Public transport allows you to discover new areas and new people. Who else would you inquire about a road or a local destination other than a bus driver?

However, for girls though, let’s maintain distances when sitting next to strangers.

Avoid Takeaway food

What is a vacation without a good culinary adventure? Most of us are foodies on the road. Trying out different cuisines and creating memories. However after a tiring day, we tend to just order our meal as takeaway, or if possible we get it delivered to our hotel rooms. It’s pretty obvious that it comes in a lot of wrapping, Could be Polythene or paper, but we just discard it once we are done with the food. Instead, try eating at the restaurant itself, that way you save paper and excess food from throwing away.


Besides, Eating out is perfect for Instagram-y pics and check-ins. In the end who doesn’t love some showing off on Social Media?

Use BPA-Free Water bottles

Staying hydrated is so important while travelling. Especially if you’re solo travelling. Most of us drop by stores on the way to get water bottles when needed and discard them when empty. This plastic could seriously damage the earth. Many suggest Glass, but we all know it’s kind of impractical on a trip to carry around. Instead, you could shift to BPA-Free water bottles which are light, reusable and easy to carry. Imagine taking a bike ride or hiking for an instance, this would be ideal as it’s convenient and keeps you hydrated.

Carry a reusable bag at all times

It’s important to keep our environment clean. As for the first-grade rule. No littering! To make it easier, carry a reusable bag, backpack or a sack at all times so if you need to throw away something you can simply put it in the bag without having to carry around or discard when nobody’s watching (which is pretty bad).

By having a bag you can also carry stuff that you’ll need on the journey, Snacks, water, and other essentials like a Camera which you’ll need to take pictures of nice sights.

Be mindful of the souvenirs you take

Souvenirs are a necessity on a vacation. Especially in an overseas one. How else are you supposed to tell your friends where you’ve been to without gifting them with cute little ornaments you brought all the way from Thailand? However be mindful when you buy these gifts. Firstly they could be unbelievably expensive or they could be made of endangered plants, animals and trees which is why they are so expensive. Avoid such gifts, its wrong and you’d have a hard time getting it out of customs in some cases.

Take Leftover Toiletries with you

Here’s the best part! We all love the free toiletries at the hotel! (Even if they don’t smell that good) however, once we use half of it, they consider it used and discards the rest. How to avoid this? Take the leftover bottles with you! There’s probably enough products for one more shower and you could reuse the empty bottles for other storing purposes. You may feel awkward as if you’re stealing the Hotel’s property, but they are going to throw it away anyway so might as well you take it with you.

Be culturally prepared

One of the least discussed points of Green Travel is Culture. We tend to forget how Culture could affect anything, but it does. Most countries have their own cultural beliefs, respects and traditions. Before travelling to a destination, always remember to do a thorough Google search on your planned place of visit. It’s important to be culturally prepared to adapt to alien situations and respect traditions.


So there you go. The guide to travelling like a pro-green traveller! You can start with the simple ones and gradually go forward. Remember to tell your friends and family to follow a green trail and together let’s become Earth lovers and make a difference!

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