Playing a survival game requires your concentration on everything that will help you stay alive. Rust is just like that, and players must take timely actions to outsmart the threats and emerge victoriously. Unfortunately, landing in Rust exposes you to many life-threatening situations such as starvation, hypothermia, attack from wolves, bears, and other players who will pretend to be a friend when they’re not.

So, if you must play this game, you must be on your toes. The worst part is that you only start the journey with a rock and a torch which is not much assurance. But don’t despair, as there’re ways to survive all the challenges, enjoy your stay in Rust and win the game. We first recommend playing with the best rust hacks from aimclub to make things easier. Then, we also have some tricks and tips below to help your everyday life in Rust. Find them below. 

Tips and Tricks to Survive Rust

1. Understand the game

The first is to know that you should gather your tools and resources once you spawn into Rust. Also, remember that you won’t have a useful weapon except for your touch and the stone. Thankfully, the stone can help you in gathering resources while the torch will guide you through the night since most people spawn into a dark world. Also, you will find weapons as you move around on the map.

Some of the guns available in Rust are, Machine guns, Handguns, Submachine guns, Rifles, etc. Other weapons such as Explosives, Attachments, Machete, Crossbow, etc., are also in the game. If you want to locate these items, make sure to loot crates, oil rigs, cargo ships, cargo planes, buy from bandit Camp, raid other players’ bases, etc. 

2. Avoid other players

One of the ways to survive the harsh Rust environment is to stay away from other players. Many of them will come around as friendly players, but they’re targeting your base for items. The general belief in Rust is never to trust another player because they’re your enemies. That’s why you must not build bases where they can locate yours quickly. Moreover, if you find them in the east, move towards the west and stay hidden if possible.

3. Be smart with bases

While we understand that Rust players must build bases, there’re ways t build them smartly. First of all, don’t make it flashy; that will be like saying, “here I am, come get me.” Hide your base location away from prying eyes. If you can, build your bases in the forest where many other players won’t want to go but be mindful of the wild animals. Secondly, don’t depend on one base. If you can build at least three of them in diverse locations to spread your items to different places. At least if the enemies loot one base, you’ll have the other ones to fall back on later.

4. Be careful with cooking

There are many things to understand about cooking. Rust requires players to feed or die of starvation. Also, we’re always warned against eating meat in raw form. This means that you must cook to stay alive. But be careful and strategize it. Firstly, don’t always cook at night even if you think it’s the best time. The fire will always attract the attention of the enemies. Secondly, don’t always cook around your base. If your cooking attracts other players. You can be sure that they won’t raid your base since you’re not doing it nearby.

3. Be ready for fights

Even though you’re focusing on gathering items, don’t allow any player to catch you unawares. So, prepare your mind to fight and go about your businesses with the right weapons to aid you. Many players search for weapons and food just like you’re doing. Whether you want to not, your parts must cross at one point, and some of them are just in the game for the fun of killing others. Therefore, guide yourself properly. But to avoid them easily, consider moving around during the night. That way, you can conceal yourself better.

4. Avoid wildlife and crowded areas

We’ve already said that animals are also a danger to Rust players. So, don’t overlook the importance of avoiding them. That’s why you’ll always hear that you must avoid the Eastern side of the map or the deep forests and mountains at all costs because that’s where they usually rest. Another thing is to avoid crowded places because professional players might choose to build their bases. One of such places is the spawn points and the monuments. So, if you can, stay away from those places to avoid unnecessary death.


Rust is a game you can enjoy if you understand it well. We hope the guide and tips and tricks will help you play better. Take precautions once you spawn, and always avoid other players since they’re not friends at all.

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