From the storyline and gameplay to the mini-games and side quests, RuneScape is fun, enjoyable, exciting, and engaging. Out of all the MMORPGs in the gaming world, RuneScape is continuously attracting new players and it’s still gaining popularity to this day. The game uses gold as its currency, and some of the veterans and new players prefer buying their gold instead of farming for it. Purchasing gold can get a little tricky because you could get scammed or banned from the game. Read on for some tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying RuneScape gold.

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Don’t Give Gold Sellers All Your Personal Information

You can’t give all your personal information to gold sellers, as any reputable gold-selling platform wouldn’t ask for it. You need to realize that if you encounter a gold seller or online platform that wants your phone number, email, credit card info, full name, and other personal data then you shouldn’t buy the gold from them. When you purchase a product online, the page where you fill in your credit card number and name uses software that encrypts your data and then deletes it after the transaction ends. Any gold seller that asks for your personal information is probably a scammer and you should save yourself the hassle and find another seller or platform.

Choose a Reliable Gold Seller or Platform

It can be a little difficult to find a reliable gold seller or online platform to buy RuneScape gold from. You should check different websites and forums to narrow down the list of sellers to the safest ones. Expert advice from this link recommends buying RuneScape gold through a website that has many positive reviews to avoid scams. This way, you can have a safe transaction and guarantee that your account will be safe. The last outcome you need is to have your account banned from buying gold, so make sure you read a lot about the platform’s details and specific instructions. Also, make sure that you always do the talking with the customer service rep on the website and not the person you meet in-game.

Don’t Use a Dummy Account

You shouldn’t use a dummy account for trading the gold in-game. Most players believe that creating a fake/dummy account will be safer, as they think that transferring the gold back to their main account will go unnoticed. These players are wrong because Jagex tracks these trades and it would be marked as a red flag for them. You can’t transfer more than 10 million gold to a new account. Most dummy accounts are free-to-play and you can’t make huge trades because Jagex will ban you. This means no gold for you and the account you’ve worked hard for would be gone. So make sure to use your main account for the trade because it will be harder to track.

Trade Some Random Items

Trading any random item you have or some trade materials for the gold can be a wise move. This will minimize any chances of Jagex finding something peculiar about your trade. This would casually look like you sold some pieces of wood and you’re getting millions of gold for it. Throwing any type of junk for the trade is smart because any developer would see this as a random transaction. Just remember not to give away rare or unique items.

Never Trade the Gold Back

Some gold sellers might ask you to trade the gold back, but you shouldn’t do that because it would be a scam. If the seller tells you to trade the gold to get a special discount bonus, don’t believe them because most reputable gold-selling platforms don’t offer free gold promotions all of a sudden during the trade. Sometimes you might get a message saying that you must trade the gold because the order number was incorrect, and you would get the gold back with extra gold. This is another situation you should avoid. Be smart and cautious to avoid getting scammed.

There is no shame in buying RuneScape gold to enhance your gameplay and experience the game differently. It can make it easier for you to buy gear, weapons, and other items, or you can use it to work on leveling up your professions. Whatever the reason behind your need to buy gold, you can rest assured that your experience will be more enjoyable. However, you need to do some research to buy gold safely. Keep the above tips in mind to avoid getting scammed or having your RuneScape account banned. Now, go ahead and enjoy the gold you’ve purchased.

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