When you’re working on improving your personal life, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your environment. After all, your environment has the power to have a direct impact on the way you think and feel. If your environment inspires you to be better, you’re going to feel better about your goals and the direction of your life. This is why it’s always a great idea to redecorate your living space. If you’re looking for tips to get started, consider these five amazing style tips.

1. Refurbish an old item

If you have an old wooden dresser in the bedroom, know that you don’t have to throw it away. Instead, rent or purchase a sander. Get some goggles and other materials to sand down the dresser. Then, use a fresh coat of paint on the dresser. You can use a matte chalkboard paint or a high-gloss option. You can paint the dresser in a baby blue color or cobalt blue. You can even purchase acrylic knobs online to add a whimsical look to the room.

2. Paint the ceiling

The ceiling is a space that so many people forget about. If you have a popcorn ceiling, there are ways to smooth it out. You can add a bright color like yellow or hot pink. You can choose to paint an Ombre effect. You might even decide that you’d like to use wallpaper on the ceiling. Don’t forget it as a wall that can make a major stylistic impact in a room.

3. Use reclaimed wood furniture

So many people are looking for new ways to make their home more eco-friendly. A great way to decrease your carbon footprint is by incorporating it into your decor. Use reclaimed wood furniture in your decor. Whether it’s a stunning coffee table that’s made out of reclaimed wood or an interesting bench, wood is timeless, universal and classic. Construction of the furniture is always important as well. You can use this type of furniture to make a visual statement. It’ll also create some diversity and character in an otherwise boring room.

4. Change your window treatments

If you currently have the standard white blinds hanging in your window, it’s time to upgrade the look. One of the easiest ways to make an impact with your windows involves using an ornate curtain rod and long, flowing curtains. It’s easy to find a standard curtain rod and spray paint it the color of your choice. You can also purchase a stunning curtain rod. Then, choose curtains that are in an interesting print or fabric. If you love lemons, consider finding fabric with a fun lemon print on it. Get custom-made curtains made from the fabric. It’s a great way to add your personality to the room and jazz up the windows. Plus, sunlight is great for your plants. Let the sunlight in.

5. Add a gallery wall

A gallery wall is an incredibly interesting feature you can add to your home. However, the key is that you need a trial run. Measure the wall. Get the measurements of all of the pictures you want to feature in the space. Plan it out on a huge sheet of paper first. Once you’re clear on all the measurements, you can involve nails and holes to fasten the picture frames to the wall.

Make sure that you personalize your efforts. Besides, your home should be a reflection of you, your passions and your life. Remember that this process might take some time. It’s okay if you don’t redecorate the entire home within a week. Take it one project at a time. As you continue, you’ll become more excited, inspired and ready to enjoy your living space.

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