The majority of women have probably faced a similar problem of their man withdrawing from them emotionally during a relationship. There are multiple reasons why men act like this and it can be rather perplexing and frustrating to face such a situation. This is how this article can help you out. In the following sections, we will discuss some reasons why men withdraw from relationships and provide you with some tips to overcome them. Without further ado, let us dive straight into it!

Common Scenarios

Here are some common reasons why he might be becoming distant.

1. He was not interested in the first place

While you could fill yourself with endless reasons, the true reason might be because he was just never that into you, to begin with. Sometimes, in a relationship, there will be one party who invests more into working the relationship out, in hopes that the other party will reciprocate. However one day, you will start to realize you are the only putting in the effort. While you may doubt yourself in the process, thinking if you did anything wrong, but the truth is, even if you did something to cause him to withdraw, a guy who starts to withdraw over something small you did proves that he was not into you enough to want to be with you in the first place. If you want to know how you can make a man interested in you, try his secret obsession, a relationship guide that will tell you what men really want in a relationship.

2. He wants you and withdrawing has nothing to do with you

This scenario seems contradictory but it is not impossible because men need space to sort out their feelings or whatever that is going on in their minds. As such, they may retreat into their โ€œman caveโ€ when they bump into problems and once they reach a conclusion or solution, they will be back just as fine as before or perhaps even better. Hence, if this is the reason he withdraws, there is not much of a need to worry about and we just have to accept that men are simply not the best at multitasking. Furthermore, we have to understand how a man thinks, when he goes silent, it could be because he is trying to be considerate of you as he does not want to lose his cool and vent at you. Going into detail, a manโ€™s source of stress could be from both external and internal factors. This includes problems faced at work and beyond this, it can also be linked to feelings of anxiousness, frustrations, and depression. Furthermore, it might have to do with personal past experiences to do with relationships and has some fears regarding commitments. To deal with such problems, they may prefer to hide away till they sort it out and we ought to respect his decision to give him space.

3. He wants you but you are upsetting him in some ways 

Moving on, let us discuss some potential scenarios which could have caused him to withdraw. One of the most common problems is rushing the relationship, causing him to struggle in keeping up the pace and hence making him feel pressured. What needs to be understood is that acting like you are in a relationship does not mean that you are in one. This is because a man will start pulling away instinctively as if it is a knee-jerk reaction since any other average person would turn away when someone is trying to get something out of them. Secondly, a woman being too needy tends to put guys off. This happens when a woman becomes too desperate to seek validation from her man to feel loved and this is a behavior that needs to be eliminated. Getting rid of such a mindset will not only help your relationship, but it will greatly improve your life overall as well. To be fully ready for a relationship and make it work, one needs to love herself first and be secure with herself. You do not need to seek validation from the other party to be secure with yourself. Therefore, if you find yourself becoming too obsessed about hearing from the other party, you need to wake up and get your priorities straight.

What to do if he is pulling away?

There are a few ways you can salvage the situation and they can even make the relationship stronger and better than ever. You can also seek relationship counseling online from professional counselors who are trained to deal with various relationship issues.

1. Back off and give him space

Like previously mentioned, when a man shows symptoms of withdrawal, it could be because of personal reasons and he just needs space to be alone to sort the problems out. As such, ladies just got to back off and simply give him the breathing space. While it is easier said than done, we have to resist our instinct to keep our love close because we need respect for the fact that everyone needs their alone time occasionally. If you chase after him, it will only push him further away from you. Besides, when both parties are not composed enough to think straight, miscommunication and conflicts would arise easily. Worrying about how he feels will only make the situation worse, so you just have to try to not stress about how he feels to solve the problem. 

2. Focus on making yourself happy

Next, we would advise not to take things too negatively and to think on the bright side. To do so, it is important to focus on appreciating yourself more and generate more self-love. You do not need a guy to respond to you in a certain way to feel that good about yourself, there are so many things in the world beyond this to gain true happiness and contentment. Also, we need to remember that men want a happy woman, so take ownership of your happiness and do not place the responsibility on them.

3. Do not solve problems for him

Last but not least, the worst thing a woman can do is try to take things into their hands and force him to talk about or even worse solve the problem for him. Despite your good intentions, men will not appreciate it and instead feel resentment because they would prefer to fix the issues by themselves to prove competency and โ€œmanlinessโ€. Therefore, we would once again like to reiterate to give your man space. If not, he will only see you as another source of stress and this would cause the relationship to become even more strained.


With that, we have reached the end of this article and we hope that it has provided some form of help in regards to your relationship. A man pulling away at some point in a relationship is inevitable and to overcome such a problem, it all depends on how you proceed. As such, we wish you all the best and hopefully, these tips come in handy.

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