Everybody dreams of riding recumbent bikes in Toronto, with all the forest and nice landscapes that allow you to ease your mind off daily stress from work! However, some questions arise when it comes to recumbent bikes โ€“ what are they, how do they differ from regular bikes, are they better, are they worse? 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of professional bikers who will tell us the answer to all these questions and more valuable advice!

First things first โ€“ why should we choose a recumbent road bike and how does it differ from a normal, regular bike? Well, as you have probably noticed, itโ€™s all about positioning! 

The human body has an ergonomic way of sitting, and when it gets disturbed, you might be experiencing muscular pain. A recumbent road bike allows you to sit in a comfortable position, and this is important especially when we are talking about trips that last a long time or marathons!

Instead of sitting straight, in an upright position, a recumbent bike allows you to sit in a position where you must reach for the pedals situated in front of you. It is rather easy to get accustomed to this seating position. Recumbent bikes allow you to gain more speed and more stamina being much more comfortable than regular bikes.

Experts have concluded that recumbent bikes might be a little bit faster than regular bikes, too. The speed of the bike is determined by the level of fitness of the person riding that bike, but when it comes to recumbent bikes, there is another factor that influences speed: the chair!

Recumbent bikes have fully integrated chairs rather than just an uncomfortable saddle. Thus the recumbent bike becomes aerodynamic, too, decreasing the wind resistance. Studies have shown that the closer you are to the ground, the smaller the wind resistance is! 

The main reason why these bikes are so popular is their seating position. Usual bikes require a pair of padded pants, or otherwise, you will feel all your weight on the saddle while riding the bike. When it comes to the recumbent bike, all that weight shifts in the seat, so there is less chance of pain or chafing.

Another reason is fairly simple: safety! Because of their shape, the center of gravity shifted, and it is positioned lower than regular bikes. That means the distance of falling is decreased, which makes it less dangerous for you.

Also, on recumbent bikes, going over the handlebars in an accident is impossible. Their unusual shape makes them easier to see on the road and in traffic, thus lowering the chances of accidents. A study showed that recumbents stop quicker than regular bikes in emergencies, too, since you will be seated over the rear wheel.

If you enjoy going off-road with your bike, then recumbent bikes are your best option! Although you should forget about leaning in or standing up pedaling to get more power, recumbent bikes allow you to gain momentum and climb hills easier, without much of an effort. They also seem to be perfect for coming downhill, because the back gears spin a little bit slower, which allows you to have a controlled motion over your actions.

Although it might sound funny to you, recumbent bikes are harder to steal! How many times did your bike get stolen while you were buying something? Forget about that though because recumbent bikes are less likely to get stolen.

Their unusual shape makes them less desirable between thieves. Even if it gets stolen, how many recumbent bikes are out there? You will be able to find it right away! 

The recumbent bikes are known for their comfortable shape, allowing you to enjoy the ride and the landscapes, too! Thereโ€™s nothing more fulfilling than having a trip with your friends! Recumbent bikes are the future when it comes to the joy of traveling with friends to wild, unknown places!

They also come in different shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find the perfect bike that fits your needs! Some of them are built while thinking of your comfort, while others focus on performance, but doesnโ€™t matter your choice, a recumbent bike will be easier to ride than a regular one.

The technological progress makes it easier for us to enjoy bike rides without worrying about chafing or back pain: recumbent bikes are the future when it comes to traveling! With their comfortable seats and the safety that they provide, we donโ€™t have to worry about a thing!

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