In the current world, there are increased concerns about adopting renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is in the middle of all these. With the utilization of solar-powered equipment such as outdoor lights, there are endless benefits to come your way. One of them is cutting your power bills by a considerable percentage.

It is through this that you find an increase in demand for outdoor solar lights globally. There are more functional solar lights brands in the market than others. The question is, what attributes should one look for when purchasing?

Brightness Level

We all love the brightness, especially when it is dark or foggy. Many people wonder if solar lights are brighter or dimmer than ordinary electric bulbs. You should know that there is a range between 10-2000 lumens which the solar lights fall in. For a standard bulb, the lumen can be around 800 lumens. This means solar lights can either be brighter or dimmer, depending on the choice you make.

There are no specific preferences or suggestions from experts on the brightness to go for. This is because the primary concern should be your individual needs. Think around the aspects to do with the size of your yard and the extent of shade within the compound. From this, you can make a well-guided decision.


As a buyer and user of an outdoor solar lighting system, you want something to serve you for years. It can only be possible when you go for quality products. During the time of purchase, be keen on the physical attributes such as material and overall design. Find brands that are resistant to external factors such as humidity, water, and heat.

It is even better to look for guidance from experts before making any decision. With professional help, you will quickly know which brands can resist harsh weather conditions. The team at explains what qualities make a working solar light. Sometimes, being new to these lighting systems makes one not sure of the features to look for. As a beginner, you may find all brands being the same despite there being significant differences. It all comes from a lack of knowledge of the systems.

Plastic-made products are a proper choice these days as they are not subject to rust. Outdoor conditions favor rust formation. Avoiding metallic lights becomes necessary. However, the plastic fabrication needs to be mechanically strong to resist strong winds which may blow. However, these days manufacturers are using a combination of different materials such as plastics and alloys. It makes the resultant products robust.

Ease of Installation

Simple to install systems are always a better pick as they reduce the chances of errors. Additionally, it makes the installers not take much time before completing their work. This is more so when there are several solar light installations to take place. As technology is evolving, there is the development of more sophisticated systems. It, at times, makes the installation a bit more complex.

Therefore, as you proceed with the purchasing, look at the overall procedure for the fitting work. You can find this on the installation manual of the solar lights. Such information gives a guide on how to go about the correct procedure. Even so, simplicity in the whole process makes it much easier for everyone. Ease of installation in one way or another reflects on the repairing process. The reason being, a repair will involve a re-installation at some point. Therefore, if you want the repairs to be less challenging hence cheaper, go for less complex systems.

The Durability of the Batteries

Ask yourself whether the lighting system can serve you all night? If not, then it may be a good idea to find another option. Look at the designs with the ability to keep the bulbs powered for long times. However, the batteries will likely lower their ability to keep the charge for a long time.

As a buyer, find lights that come with replaceable batteries. At times in-built ones bring inconveniences, especially when the current batteries get worn out. It may be a good idea to fit the lighting systems where they harness maximum light. Therefore, as much as you like shade in your outdoor space, find specific open points for the installations. Quality lighting is necessary for the full charging to take place.

Going solar as a home is recommendable, especially in the current world. It makes you utilize renewable energy, which is healthy for the environment. However, as you proceed with buying solar light systems, there are key elements to consider, such as durability, battery capacity, and quality. This makes you sure of getting systems that are worth your finances.

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