For countless people (especially those retired!), waking up to stunning, peaceful views of the sea is a dream come true. Most work as hard as they can to get a retirement like that. It is of no surprise that beachfront houses sell for a hefty penny – it makes the money for it so worthwhile. With views of the endless horizon and smells of the salt-infused air every time you take a breath of it, living in a beachfront house puts many other places to rest.

However, not all glorious views come without a price. There are certain disadvantages to living at a beachside, especially if one is not cautious or alert. Minor accidents may indeed prove fatal, and careless errors may turn to tomorrow’s nightmares in a matter of seconds. There can be no sure-fire guide to living completely safely when at the beachside, but the views (in most eyes) justify the extra baggage it comes with.

The Bright Side

1. You get to enjoy many sports – all on the beach itself, and the land is free!

This is particularly an amazing win for all active goers and fitness freaks out there. When playing sports, space constraints can be a downside, especially for most outdoor sports. You can always enjoy the best views of the sea, sand and sun while playing the best of beach volleyball, outdoor squash, frisbee (with your furry friends!), touch rugby, or even skim cricket! The world’s your oyster.

2. If you do wish to move out, you can always enjoy a higher resale value for your beachfront house!

Regarded as one of the best benefits of living beachside, the higher resale value that comes with a house near the beach is a great perk! Houses located along the beaches and coastal lines enjoy a heftier price tag, and the stunning views and geographic aesthetic enables these houses to be priced at a higher value. For instance, a beachfront home along the coastal line of Hawaii costs thrice as expensive as those situated inland.

What this means for you is you get to flip your beachfront house at a great resale value, whenever you want to. Most of these beachfront houses are also available to rent out to couples on vacations or for honeymooners as a side income.

3. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a better air quality

Living along the beach gives you an amazing fresh air quality, unlike those in the urban geographical area. Much fresher than the air quality in cities and concrete jungles.

As the air quality improves the more you are to the sea, those enjoying life at a beachfront house can simply open the windows and detoxify the air in the house. Breathing in fresh air has also tons of psychological benefits, among which includes a relaxation of the mind and soul.

Beyond the fresh air, beachfront house owners also get to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, one motivated to offer you the best views that money can buy just within a couple of steps from the bed you rest your head.

The Downsides

1. Summer and holiday crowds

One of the few disadvantages is the crowded scenery during the summer holidays or year-end vacation days in November and December every year. This can be a bit of a bummer, especially if you live right near a stretch of the public beach. Of course, if you’ve purchased the house near the beach, you may be entitled to the land around it (which sometimes includes a portion of the beach). That would be just yours.

It is important to choose your beachfront home wisely, especially when you factor in the summer crowds.

2. Be prepared for any natural calamities

Throughout most of the year, the weather in certain parts of the world can be the greatest advantage of living beachfront! However, there are times when one must be prepared for the possibility of hurricanes which aren’t just dangerous, they can even rip your whole house’s roof off!

In Charleston, America, the hurricane season runs from June through November, which is unlike that of the Philippines. Wherever you are, do check on the natural calamities expected dates to be extra prepared.

3. Expect some wear and tear on your home’s exterior!

This is completely just when you are living near saltwater lakes and seas. The phenomenon of wear and tear is caused predominantly by the salt air, which over time, tends to increase the acceleration of rust. This can always be fixed in time, so regular maintenance is expected. At a glance, it almost costs as expensive to maintain a house in colder climates, so choose your best pick!

Wrapping up…

As attractive as it looks, living beachside comes at its costs as well. Before purchasing any, one should come prepared after thorough research on the location, natural calamities as well as other factors. Marveling at majestic views is great and all, but the downsides should also be studied carefully.

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