Many say sarcasm is an unattractive habit. A trait that seems quirkier than it is witty. It also says a whole deal about the personality of the person and to an extent, how empathetic they can be to others.

Studies have shown that sarcasm is not only confined to words spoken but also from the actions we do. A frown says a great deal more than words could, and just like how sarcasm can pass from the speaker to the audience. However, when one’s in college, just like in any other turning times in one’s life, being sarcastic during college years can be a hit and miss. Often times your peers may get you, but that does not mean you might be a likable person in their circles.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having this attitude during college and beyond that.

Pros: It’s part of reality

It’s true that sarcasm is not confined to any one place and time; it’s universal. Like the universe, it’s also part of the real world. The more one is well-versed in sarcasm and the tones, the easier one’s experience with it becomes throughout the times. Being sarcastic in college does not mean you won’t be exposed to times when someone else is being sarcastic to you.

Pros: It’s an icebreaker and a conversation starter

Being sarcastic may oftentimes alienate you from those who don’t necessarily understand you; however, it does open you to friendships with those who do. Sarcasm when don’t not in spite of others, but a reflection of humor, wit, and purpose may bring great connection in college. When one’s less focused on using sarcasm to hurt others, it can quite easily land you newer friends and connections who like you for your charming personality. The trick is to always do it with a good purpose. Nobody likes a sarcastic person who uses it in spite.

Pros: Sarcasm, when done right, can be used to dodge difficult or uncomfortable questions

Humour is cognitively distracting, studies have shown. Just like a great magician to divert the attention of wide-eyed crowds to hide the coin up his sleeve, so can a successful joke turn attention away from divulging or responding to a tough question. Particularly when the stakes are high, and answering the question has risky consequences. Humour comes in to save the day!

Sarcasm is always thought to contain humor in them; a classic well-pulled sarcastic joke can even fix awkward encounters or situations. It has long been thought that sarcastic people are funny, well-educated and intelligent people. It has also been said that being sarcastic shows your mental agility is intact and ready to deter anybody that questions it.

Cons: Nobody takes you seriously enough

Like the boy who cried wolf, nobody likes someone who plays around instead of being sharp with his answers. When you try to be sincere, you may not get people to believe you. An example of this can be seen when you compliment a person on their outfit, and they respond with, “Shut up” or “Alright I’m going to change my dress now”. Those are the opposites of what you mean, and being too sarcastic may get you there.

Cons: You may hurt a person’s feelings – which is not a good thing to do when you’re trying to make good friends

In college or otherwise, being sarcastic or passing comments at the expense of others is not wise. Particularly in situations where your whole status and name are built based on the circles you’re in, the grades you get or the teachers who know your name. It can be extremely passive-aggressive when one sarcastic comment made in an attempt to lighten the mood turns ugly and is not well-received. Being ignorant of other’s feelings should never be normalized. Instead, focus on making new friends with humor and sharp wit.

Cons: Not everyone will get your jokes – and most may just think you are an attention seeker

In college, everybody was desperate to try and blend in. Not as blended with the wallpaper, but not outrightly distinguishable. Only the popular crowds or the outcasts are openly targeted, either for good or otherwise.

We’ve all been there – the fear of speaking out or saying something in front of others that people might not understand or worse, misunderstand the meaning or context. In my opinion, uncultured folks are the absolute worst, and it definitely takes a sharp wit to find a semblance of meaning in sarcasm. Take note, as those might (and should!) just be your closest allies in the ever-challenging but equally exciting years of college.

Wrapping up…

Being sarcastic – with good intentions – can be very rewarding and engaging, especially in a time when building yourself up is all that truly matters. This is the place you will forge everlasting bonds, have the opportunity to create fun and exciting memories, and truly create a path that combines both your ambitions and your skills. Having a good set of ideals to live up to can be daunting and difficult for most, but if you’re able to crack a joke (or two!) about your tough times, it can only make the journey all the more pleasant to you and others around you. That’s what truly matters, college and beyond.

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