If there’s one thing about Nerds that you cannot change, it’s definitely their addiction. Be it studying, gaming or coding, once they zone out, it’s pretty much IT. However, Gamers are slightly different from regular nerds. Some gamers aren’t even nerds, but being married to a Gamer can be a whole different experience. If you already are, you probably would know what this piece of writing holds. If you’re currently dating one or if your future hubby is a gamer, here are some really honest things you should know.

As we all know, there’s always good and bad in everything. Sometimes the advantages are much larger than the disadvantages. If we put it down right directly, being a wife of a gaming addict is pretty much similar to being married to any man. Now you must be quite confused… Well, that’s alright. Let’s begin with the pros of being married to a Gamer, and lastly arrive at the above statement.

Pros of Being a Wife of a Game Addict

Peace of Mind

Whenever gamers get into their own fantasy world of gaming, either in solitude or even with friends, they creep into a den of their own company. One of the best advantages of being a wife of a gamer is having utter peace of mind during this time. Sometimes you may have serious studying to do, or an urgent report to work on. On top of that, we do have different mood swings as well especially when we are stressed and during that time of the month. At such a period, an annoying man would be the least desired type of entertainment.


This applies both ways. If your partner is a Gamer, there’s one thing you can almost be sure of. He’ll never cheat on you, and your life would have less drama. Of course one can argue with this, but the chances are very low. On the contrary, you would not be pressed with questions testing your loyalty. It’s your duty to be a loyal wife, but you’d actually enjoy the freedom in your relationship.

Good Habits

Gamers… Nerds… Whatever you may call them, are mostly disciplined. Nowadays, finding a well-brought-up, respected man is quite a challenge. They would show you a different face at first, but end up being a disappointment down the days. However, Alcohol and cigarettes aren’t much familiar within the Gaming Nerd community. Yet again, one can argue with few cases but the chances are very low. Real gamers usually snack on nachos and carbonated drinks. If your husband is addicted to chips, make sure to divert his attention to some greeny snacks as well.

Great Listener

If your hubby is a gamer, he’d definitely have his mind in the game if necessary or to you if the time requires. (That’s what we hope for. But it very well could just be him pretending to be a listener while his mind is wandering off Fortnite). Either way, if you like to look at the positive side, you’d have a gentle therapist who’d listen to your worries.

Well, now let’s look at the Cons now shall we? Take a deep breath. The following are what you have to put up with as a wife of a game addict.

Cons of Being a Wife of a Game Addict 

Cleaning? You’re on your Own

Yes! Your gaming husband would sit on the couch like a potato for hours at a stretch without even cleaning his own surroundings. If you’re generally a clean freak, you might have a hard time looking at a constant mess. However that’s much better compared to you being lazy, in which case, you both would practically live in a dumpster house. So planning on marrying a Gamer? Adapt yourself to a regular tidying routine.

Date Nights at Home

Some gamers do get out of their dens once in a while, but the majority prefers having fun inside. If you’re a social butterfly who likes outings and dressing up for date nights, you may be in for a surprise (Not necessarily a great one). Your gamer husband would really enjoy an indoors-y date if he’s given a choice to step out of the house or mingle with other people. It’s not bad after all. You can have romantic candlelight dinners, plus you wouldn’t have to worry about your budget. It’ll be classic and basic.

Not a Fantasy Marriage Life

If you’re a fan of Hallmark movies, Mills & Boons and unrealistic fantasy love, here’s me breaking your bubble. Don’t have those expectations from your gamer partner. It wouldn’t come to him naturally. If he really tries, you both can have a good laugh together, but your gamer husband is not a Hunky Texan Cowboy nor a Greek Tycoon.

Gamer as a Dad?

Well. That is a question you’d definitely have to ponder on. If you’re marrying and settling down, it means that you both are ready to start a family together. Having a Gamer as a dad can be a little bit hectic. Leave the role model theory aside. Will he be supportive with household chores when there’s a kid around?

The good thing is, not every gamer is the same! If he’s ready to settle down, he’d probably be ready to cast away his gaming addiction if life requires him to do so. It’s in your hand to do the convincing part.

And the Bottom line is…

The pros and cons are almost the same. Better yet, the advantages are much greater. Looking at the cons, there are many gaming addicts who turned out to be absolutely amazing husbands and fathers. When you look closely at the facts and my very first statement, you’d see how most men fall into this category without even being a gamer. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if he’s a gamer, as long as you both cherish a connection and promise to support one another at all times.

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