Who’s a Nerd? Apart from understanding them as Bookworms, Nerds aren’t really recognized in the society. Since the inception of Hollywood high school rom-coms to modern-day Silicon Valley, filmmakers have always confused the role of a Nerd. They’re either pity losers who get bullied in school, those who cannot talk to girls or millionaires who completely change appearances with money. Being a Nerd has nothing to do with outer looks, no matter what they achieve in life, a nerd will always be a nerd.

And when a Nerd, becomes a dad there’s so much novelty involved in his kid’s childhood. Generally, we aren’t able to distinguish a nerdy father and a cool father just by looking at them. But some parenting techniques definitely would do the talking. Do you wonder if your dad is a Nerd? Well, maybe, maybe not. However, just as having a nerdy father can have its own elevations, there are also some disadvantages.

Firstly, let’s look at the Pros of having a Nerdy daddy.

Responsible Figures

Being a responsible figure doesn’t mean he’s extremely rich or you’re a spoilt kid unless your father is Bill Gates, an actual Nerd who also happens to have a lot of money. Usually, Nerds lead a perfectly programmed way of life. They don’t take fishy risks, nor waste a lot of money. This particular factor could have its cons as well. Sometimes they might be losing opportunities because they don’t like taking risks. But this won’t affect their kids in any way.

Nerdy daddies are responsible is securing their kid’s lives as far as it’s in their control. This means your education, your health and living standards are pretty well in safe hands.

Encourage to Achieve Goals

Nerds are big-time achievers. Maybe not in the Sports arena but surely in Mathletes or the Science Quiz. A Nerdy dad would definitely push his children to ace in what they love or their dream goals. For Nerds, life is not just about ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. It’s about finding purpose in life and chasing dreams. So never in your life would your nerdy daddy tell you that there’s no use in achieving something because there’s no relevancy to it in real life. This helps to boost your self-esteem from a very young age.

Education Comes First

The push for Education actually comes from the mother, not really the father. But if your Father also is dedicated to educating you and guiding you, you may achieve many academic goals in life. A Nerdy Dad would never make you miss a tutoring class for a match or a party. That’s not it, during exams a nerdy father would be your best supporter and if you pass well, you’d even get what you’ve always dreamt of having.

You Never Grow Old

No! They’re not immortal. They just don’t as mature as the rest. As you would know many nerds have a fascination with science fiction, technology and comics. If you’ve watched the Big Bang Theory series it’s evident that grown middle-aged men have comic decorated rooms, fight each other for mint-in toys and video games. Just imagine a nerd as such becoming a father. A nerdy daddy’s children would honestly have a cool childhood. Comicons and cosplays, who wouldn’t love that?! As a kid growing up with that influence, you’d never seem to mature.

However, just as there are so many advantages. There are cons as well. 

Not a strong role model

Generally, Nerds are physically known to be weak people, and sometimes mentally too they grow up with many insecurities and confidence issues. If you’ve watched ‘Escape to Planet Earth’, you’d understand how Kip looks up to his famous uncle and not his nerdy daddy even though he got the brains. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s very rare. This quality in a parent would definitely affect the child’s upbringing too. If your father is a nerd and if you’re a jock, you’d be the worst jock in school. The same goes for the other way. If you’re a nerd as well, you’d be just like your father or even worse.

Growing up with Emotional Barriers

Nerds are very smart and complex but when it comes to the simpler things in life, they struggle a lot. Things like asking a girl out, pouring their heart out or even speaking up openly. However, parents must always communicate with their children at a deeper level to understand their situations. A Nerdy daddy may not really approach his children to connect with them emotionally. Due to this, A Nerd’s child can develop insensitivity to emotions or have emotional shields throughout their life.

Daddy Issues

There are many debates regarding this. Some Nerdy Daddies have raised emotionally independent children, but then again it’s quite rare. First of all, let’s see what daddy issues are? 99% of Daddy issues are exhibited in women. According to Dictionary.com, this status is defined as A Psychological challenge resulting from an absent or abnormal relationship with one’s father, often manifesting in a distrust of, or sexual desire for, men who act as father figures.”

In simple words, when Fathers fail to give their daughters attention and the love they yearn for, these girls grow up with insecurities and look for romantic relationships with men who resemble qualities of their fathers.

Why Nerdy Daddies though? (For the record, it’s not only nerdy daddies – but), as said earlier, Nerds are hesitant in showing emotions. Although they love their kids – especially daughters – they fail to exhibit it or they’re usually caught up with their own work, they don’t have time for their daughters. For girls, this can be quite unhealthy for long-term relationships as they become clingy with low self-esteem and trust issues.

Do you think you have Daddy Issues? Don’t worry – Therapy can fix them!


So there you go! Pros and Cons of having a Nerdy Daddy. Quite certain you read this because you either have a Nerdy Daddy, your partner has a Nerdy Daddy or you’re dating a Nerd. If you’re dating one, just so you know the Cons are not all that bad. Honestly, with the right guidance, you can fix your man to be a Nerdy Superdad!

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