Do you have a favorite hairstyle? We all do! But are you looking for something new to try out? Maybe your hair is getting long, and you’re just not sure what to do with it. Or maybe there’s an event on the horizon that will require some styling. Whatever the reason may be, Here is a list of popular types of bangs that might interest you!

1. Curtain Fringe

Made famous by Bridget Bardot in the ’70s, this popular bang style is an excellent alternative to the blunt, straight across bangs that have been so popular in recent years. Frame your face with long and loose hair by choosing this type of fringe.

Curtain fringes are longer than other types, typically extending down the eyes or even at the chin level. Also, curtain Bangs tend to be straighter along the edges than some more textured styles like razors or shags. This style is appropriate for most women except those who want their forehead wholly covered; it’s best suited for heart-shaped faces, round shapes, and diamond shapes because they give an illusion of length on these facial features.

2. Long Bangs (also known as Soft Angled)

A more extended version of blunt fringes that gradually tapers to an angular or pointed edge at one side, this type of fringe will add interest without hiding too much of your face. It’s best suited for people with long foreheads because it draws attention upward towards the eyes instead of down along the forehead line. This look works well on women with diamond-shaped faces but might make shorter ladies appear even shorter due to lack of volume above the brow bone.

3. Side Swept Bangs

This type of fringe is often worn tucked behind one ear or swept to the side for an asymmetric look. The longer pieces in front are typically angled towards your face, while shorter pieces fall near your cheekbones. Side bangs flatter most shapes but tend to amplify more prominent foreheads, so they’re best suited for women who want a more balanced and less dominant brow bone area (because it will draw attention downward). This style works well on diamond and triangle-shaped faces because it balances out strong jawlines and minimizes rounder cheeks.

4. Razor Cut Fringe

The razored edge gives this fringe a textured feel that’s perfect for thinner hair types, especially if you like the look of shorter hair. It’s best suited for oval-shaped faces; it can be worn straight across or swept to one side, depending on your personal preference. Razor-cut bangs are typically short, so they work well for women with delicate facial features but might not have much weight at the ends to hold them down in place if you have a strong jawline and chin area.

5. Shaggy Fringe

This type of fringe is longer than most other types that fall below cheekbone level, typically grazing the eyes when parted straight across or slightly above eye level when swiped diagonally to one side. This style is suitable for the ladies who want their faces framed and show off their long necks and cheekbones. Shaggy bangs complement heart, square, and oval-shaped faces best because they draw attention towards the eyes and away from a prominent chin or nose area. This style can be worn straight across or swiped diagonally on one side for an edgier look.

6. Layered/Graduated Bangs

This is also a variant of the blunt bangs. They are typically longer than a typical straight cut and have more weight to give an appearance of fullness or volume. These types of bangs can be pinned back from your face, but you may need hair products for that, so they stay in place all day long.

7. Asymmetrical Bangs

This is also another type of bangs that can be an excellent option for you to try.

This is mainly because asymmetrical bangs allow people to move their hair off their foreheads. This would also mean that they can create more volume on one side without affecting the other side since it will already look like there’s enough volume.

With this type of bangs, it is also possible to have a more casual and fun hairstyle since you won’t be limited to any one style. It can still look great even when you tie your hair up in a high ponytail or bun. You will surely get the attention that you deserve with such unique-looking bangs.

This blog mentions a few of the many popular types of bangs that women and girls might find interesting. So long as they are done correctly, many of these types can be flattering for many face shapes and hair textures. There will never be a shortage of new styles being invented in salons or on Pinterest boards worldwide!

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