As public places start to reopen this Summer after a prudent quarantine period, my friends and I can not wait to jump back in the pool. Everyone deserves to have fun at their leisure by the water and under the sun. Life post-pandemic brings new challenges and we understand there are new regulations to ensure our safety. Facing the new normal will take willpower and discipline but will guarantee us all a good time!

My friends and I have agreed to adjust to the rules and here is what to expect for our long-awaited pool day.

Public Pools

It will be safe to call the pool beforehand, and check on their regulations so that you are prepared. It is better to not assume. 

  • Expect to wear a mask at all times except when swimming in the pool.ย 
  • You will be asked to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet minimum.
  • Markers will be placed all around the pool to easily follow social distancing.ย 
  • Bring your hand sanitiser and wash your hands frequently.
  • The pool might have a one-way flow. Exit and Entering will be kept on the same path.
  • Showering before entering the pool will still be required.
  • One person will be allowed in the restroom at a time.
  • Any area where a potential gathering of more than 10 strangers can happen will be closed.
  • Life jackets will be available and will be disinfected after each person, however, I would bring my own disinfecting wipes.
  • Avoiding group events, gatherings, or meetings both in and out of the water if social distancing of at least 6 feet between people who donโ€™t live together cannot be maintained.
  • Goggles and any other rentals will be sanitized after each use.

When in the water

When in the water, you will be safe, the chlorine in the water kills viruses similar to COVID. Each pool will at their own discretion allow a specific amount of visitors to comply with social distancing in the water. Even if the chlorine is safe, I would try to keep the social distance for my own sake. Try to arrive early so that you can avoid the times where most people will gather.

Rails, water fountains, food

Rails will be disinfected often and water fountains will be shut down as expected. Plan to bring a cooler with your own spritzers and water.

If the public pool has a restaurant, eating in the open areas will be no problem at all. Social distancing in between tables will be implemented though.

The new normal at the pool looks different logistically and being prudent will guarantee a safe outing with your friends. Find the location that makes you the most comfortable based on their precautions.

Call your friends, pack your swimsuit and your matching mask, fill up your cooler and get ready to have fun by the poolside! Pool day is NOT canceled!

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