The fact is, the country of Ireland possesses many magnificent qualities, therefore it is no wonder that holidaymakers all around the globe choose to visit this amazing place each and every year! The country is home to some of the most visually stunning landscapes in the entire world and it is also known to inhabit people who are renowned for their friendly and incredibly welcoming manner. In all honesty, Ireland sounds like a dream! So who wouldn’t wanna visit?

The place is known widely as “The Emerald Isle” and is famous for many things, having bags on offer for anyone planning to visit there on their next vacation. Amongst the country, lies hidden treasures such as mouthwatering local cuisine, beverages that could quench the thirst of any man, and historic monuments that would take the breath away from any history enthusiast. Sounds like a truly magical place!

The secret is when planning to visit the glorious country of Ireland, is to plan your trip in advance and do your homework. That way you will succeed in being witness to the many amazing features that Ireland has to offer and will without a doubt, get the most out of your trip and create some pretty amazing memories! Here is just what you need to know when visiting “The Emerald Isle!”

Explore Ireland By Road and Rent a Car!

If you are only planning on visiting the city of Dublin, then granted, there is probably no need for you to rent a car. However, if you really wish to see Ireland in its ultimate glory then I would consider checking out this article and follow in its footsteps by getting yourself a hire car. There really is nothing like exploring “The Emerald Isle” by road! Taking a road trip will allow you to explore every inch of the place and bear witness to the many glorious sights it has all around. You will be able to observe the beautiful landscapes and travel to the more rural areas that reside there, ultimately getting the most out of your trip!

Make Sure You’re Equipped With Your Rain Gear!

Now, although Ireland is a beautiful country, the unfortunate thing is, it does suffer from rather a lot of downpours! In all honesty, the weather there can be extremely unpredictable so make sure you have your trusty rain gear on hand. However, do not let this put you off visiting this wonderful place as even in the wet, the country is a sight for sore eyes!

Take Time to Visit the Small Villages and Towns

You may wish to visit the big towns such as Belfast and Dublin and you would be silly not to! These cities are two of the top tourist destinations in Ireland. If you wish to visit there, there are a number of things to do in Belfast and Dublin. However, make sure somewhere within your trip that you make time to visit the charming small villages and towns that reside within “The Emerald Isle.” These hidden gems truly are the heart of Ireland and will be the perfect chance for you to take in and explore the local culture. Visiting the local pubs especially at night will not disappoint, as you will be able to get a feel of life in Ireland by sampling a refreshing beverage and treating your ears to the local lively music!

Sample the Local cuisine and Vow to Eat At Least One Hearty Pub Meal!

Just like almost every other place in the world, Ireland is filled with restaurants serving up every kind of cuisine. But when visiting Ireland, to properly adopt the local culture, it is essential that you have at least one hearty meal in a local pub. So when visiting “The Emerald Isle” make sure to visit the local watering hole for a scrumptious, hearty meal. Trust me, it certainly will not disappoint!

Plan Ahead and Be Aware of “The Sunday Shut-down!”

Just like many other places around Europe, Ireland is also a part of “The Sunday Shut-down!” Meaning many of the local attractions are closed down on Sundays completely or are open only for a few hours of the day. That’s why it is essential when planning your trip to do your research to make sure you get to visit any local attractions you may be interested in during the week. Then you will be able to plan something else that’s spectacular on the final day of the week.

So there you have it, holidaymakers! “The Emerald Isle” truly is a magnificent place to be and ultimately, can be the holiday of a lifetime. By making sure to take everything listed above into account, you can successfully experience Ireland in all of its glory!

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