Clothes with plaid designs were first introduced in the 1950s. However, due to their vibrant and eccentric design, their popularity heightened during the 70s. These styles of clothes were very prominent to the younger generation, especially to flower children or the hippies, as they were popularly known back then. Anyway, plaid clothing, especially plaid pants, is making a huge “come back” in the current decade. If you’re considering integrating them into your overall outfit but not sure what to pair them with, then you’d be happy to know that the article I’ve prepared for today will especially tackle the matter! So without further ado, let’s begin…

Dark Long Sleeves and Grey Plaid Pants

If plaid pants greatly appeal to your fashion sense but want to maintain a classy and formal look, then the best you can do so is to stick with the dark long sleeves and grey plaid pants. Also, you can never go wrong with the color combination, and you may even use them for semi-formal or casual occasions. If you are in a hurry and have no time to prepare, then this pair is the best outfit you can pull off and still look dapper.

Plaid Pants Paired with a Regular T-Shirt

So when I say regular t-shirt, what I mean are the plain collar shirts that you typically find in any department store in your local area. Also, it doesn’t really matter what the color of the shirt is—may it be dark or light-colored, it’s all good! However, it’s a little different with your plaid pants. For this matter, and especially for men, avoid colorful plaid pants and stick with those with a solid palette. Some of the recommended plaid pants are designed with base colors of gray, black, or white. In addition, you may have to be careful with this outfit, though, because they’re more suited for casual events.

Polo or Half-Sleeved Shirt and Plaid Pants

Just like the 70s, plaid pants look awesome when paired with a polo shirt or half-sleeves. Again, the color of the shirt does matter, especially for men, and you may opt for those that have a solid light or dark palette. However, you don’t have to concern yourself about the patterns of the shirt—as long as it is solid color-themed, you should be fine. The same style should go with your plaid pants. I believe I don’t have to explain this thoroughly. Just imagine wearing vibrant plaid pants with formal or semi-formal shirts—it’s awkward and very unappealing, to say the least.

Pair Plaid Pants with a Denim Jacket

Probably my favorite outfit wearing plaid pants is pairing it with a denim jacket. Now, this outfit is very versatile in the sense that you can wear any kind of undershirt with it. You can go for a t-shirt, polo shirt, or a long sleeve and it will still look good on you! You can freely mix and match on this until you find the perfect combination that suits your preference. However, for best results, I suggest wearing a light shirt along with a dark blue denim jacket. And then, opt for black plaid pants mens and white sneakers to finish everything up.

Final Thoughts

You might have noticed that most styles of plaid pants relayed in this article are those with solid palettes. And the very reason why this is the case is that it emits masculinity and class, in general. If ever you want to mix them with other colors, then, by all means, do so as you wish. The suggestions I have relayed in this article are merely recommendations and not a general rule on the proper wearing of plaid pants. Lastly, it also matters to select quality plaid pants for men other than choosing the ones that best suit your style.

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