Are you looking for a clear career path having a touch on an internationally recognized qualification from one of the best universities in the world? Looking for a degree and a qualification that improves your career-related skills, traits and the knowledge that gives you an edge over the other candidates at an interview or in the industry? ​Looking to invest in a qualification that offers you the best return benefiting you in many ways?  Do you want to be different, creating demand for you in the job market and making you stand out from the rest? Studying in a Foreign Renowned University has been always a dream for you? Looking to climb up the career ladder in less time with international exposure? Here is the answer to all of your questions! Register now at the Pioneer Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT), the leader in Business and IT a place “like no other”.

Benefits offered by PIBT to the students:

University of Greenwich is one of the best universities in the world for those who wish to study and pursue their educational qualifications in the field of IT and Business. Greenwich is also a UNESCO world heritage site with a rich and illustrious educational history that extends over 128 years of excellence. It is a world-renowned University that is also well known for teaching excellence in collaboration with the latest technology and modern teaching-learning techniques. Greenwich offers a wide variety of degree programs to locals as well as to international students. PIBT in affiliation with this amazing institute, University of Greenwich offers a wonderful opportunity for Sri Lankans to study in this prestigious institute which was once a dream to many. You can register today for its Higher National Diplomas, Pre-Graduate Programs where you will be also eligible for entry of the final year of BSc (Hons) degrees. The Masters Programs are offered by Anglia Ruskin University, UK through the London School of Marketing (LSM). While you experience the facilities and benefits offered by the University, it can offer higher chances of landing a job immediately after graduation by being empowered with business related knowledge as well. The BSc (Hons) degrees in IT offered by the Greenwich are widely accepted by the employers in the IT industry thus creating demand for you.

All the degree programs, course work materials and syllabuses are designed and developed to prepare the student for a working environment by using the latest and modest teaching and learning techniques with the help of the latest technology. The programs offered through PIBT are mainly in the subject areas of Information & Communication Technology and Business Management. The students are also given a chance to select courses from a variety of available options. PIBT is an inspiring place that can change every aspect of your career life and the institute is empowering the students for success by offering industry connections, sound career prospects, job opportunities and enhancing skills that contribute to economic development.

Do you want to achieve success in life by achieving career goals and objectives that will also take you to the new heights in the industry?

Do not miss out this great opportunity. Hurry up and register now at PIBT and get the international exposure and knowledge from the pioneer in educational excellence, the University of Greenwich for a clear and successful career. Get in touch on 0772-811-300 or mail to [email protected]. It is your duty to enrich your career by having an unmatchable qualification in hand when driving for the demand in the industry. KIT with our Facebook Page for more information.  

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