It is difficult to move an instrument of this kind as the piano, as it is both heavy and huge, but it is also fragile. Its future operation depends on structural integrity and the absence of internal damage after transport. This is the reason you should be extra cautious while transporting it.

The instrument is being prepared to be shipped

It is essential to prepare for proper transportation by removing the parts that are removable from the outside of the instrument. For this, you will have to:

  • lift the cover to expose the keys using a screwdriver.
  • If necessary, remove the striking mechanism, then unscrew the bolts. However, we do not recommend touching the mechanism.
  • unfasten the bottom cover to secure the pedals;
  • Take off the top cover generally secured by latches;

Once that’s done, the separate elements should be carefully packed, the strings should be secured using dense paper, and then the keys and the cover must be separated using a soft material.

If you can transport your musical instrument on your own and are unable to detach the pieces, you’ll have to carry it as a whole and secure the covers by using duct tape. This will prevent mechanical damage from occurring during transport.

The piano should be tightly packed using special bubble wrap. If you don’t have one, use blankets, wrap the instrument in them, and secure it with rope. This will reduce the risk of damage.

Plan of Action Plan of Action

The first thing to understand is what parameters the cargo that you intend to move has. Transport is usually necessary for pianos which measure 1.5m in length and are an elevation of just 1.5m. The center of gravity is 120 cm in height. This is not the weight case, most securely, however:

  • When transporting a piano, you must always consider an even distribution of support and weight. It is best to use one specialized loader per 45 kg.
  • How do you safely transport pianos? Here’s how to transport pianos safely:
  • Be sure that everyone who is participating during the process is equipped with the necessary straps and fasteners needed to move the piano properly.
  • Plan a route, consider every doorway that might be on your way. If the piano isn’t able to pass through the doorway you’ll have to abandon the idea.
  • Make sure that everyone can get out of the way quickly if a frightening incident occurs, e.g., if one of the participants falls.
  • First, you should think about an appropriate vehicle for transport in addition to the options for loading the instrument. You can also entrust this matter to experts.
  • Make sure that the instrument is supported from below all the time Keep in mind that a piano facing downwards is extremely prone to pressure.
  • large models 320-500 kg.
  • If you’re not familiar with or have no previous experience with moving goods, don’t attempt the task yourself. Hire professional art movers in NY from reputable transportation companies like Zeromax. They are able to move instruments swiftly and securely and take them down and up the staircase.
  • Verify the state of the staircase at the point you intend to move the piano down and up. If the weight of the piano is weighed in conjunction with the weight of the employees of the company that transports it and the stairs are not able to support the weight and could result in an unsafe situation for your health as well as the instrument.
  • small models weigh from 180-280 kg;
  • It is essential to put your instrument in a proper manner when moving it. you should inform others to correct the problem if it is in an unstable position.

When you are transporting a piano the first rule to follow is to do it slowly and with care. You or the experts involved should be able to stop in time to catch the instrument, catch your breath, and get back to your fitness. This method will allow you to be in complete control over the situation, that reduces the possibility of unexpected situations.

Fixing and loading the inserts in the car

After the entire work is completed, it is safe to assume that the majority of the work has been completed. It’s now time to let the car take it off.

Then, the piano needs to be securely secured. Clamps and hydraulic elevators can be used to secure vehicles with the capacity to carry a large amount. The clamps are employed to hold the instrument to its side.

Do not transport your piano when it is cold as the instrument will react to temperature changes.

You should plan your route before traveling. Make sure to plan your route in advance to prevent any mechanical damage as well as severe jolts, vibrations or vibrations.

However, to ensure that your piano is transported securely and safely, trust the entire process to the professionals of the Zeromax company. We will transport the delicate instrument in the most secure manner at the lowest cost in your area!

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