No doubt that having a pet brings unimaginable joy to everybody’s life. While it might seem strange at first, more and more people are choosing domestic lizards for their pets. If you are among the people who would prefer to have a lizard, over the conventional cats and dogs, here are some professional tips for caring for it and keeping it healthy and happy.

Understand and Respect your Lizard

The natural habitat of lizards varies, from the rain forests and jungles of the tropics to the dry and arid areas. It is very important to understand where and how lizards exist naturally in the wild so that you can create similar conditions for your pet accordingly. They are generally quite independent and not very affectionate pets, so u have to give them space. They have a laid-back temperament and are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. They might bite, but it usually does not cause any harm. When handling a lizard, remember to never pick it up by its tail as it causes discomfort and might even fall off.


The best home for most lizards is an aquarium, modified into a terrarium and the larger it is, the better it will be for your lizard. The base of the terrarium should be covered with a substrate, which varies depending on the species. Lizards are highly capable of escaping and are much faster and stronger than most people realize. Therefore, it is important to provide a secure screen cover that has a hook, and a locking device that secures all four sides. There are specific enclosures for lizards that require special housing because of their potential size, such as green iguanas. Make sure to avoid potentially toxic materials such as stained wood, metal, or paint.


Not only for aesthetic reasons but even more for hygienic ones, the terrarium must maintain clean all the time. That means that the urine and feces of the lizards must be removed as soon as possible and the floor medium should be replaced. It is best to observe the terrarium daily to determine how often cleaning is necessary to keep any bad smell from occurring. To clean is fast and most effective, it will be best to keep decorations simply arranged. The proper equipment is also mandatory. You will need sponges, brushes, tweezers, and a scoop, and they should be cleaned after each use.

Pet Lizard
Photo by Yassine AMRAOUI on Unsplash


Lizards are divided into three major groups regarding their nutritional preferences. Insectivores lizards prefer feeding on live insects such as worms and crickets. Herbivores eat exclusively plant-based food and should be provided a mixed salad of calcium-rich greens, vegetables, and fruits. The omnivorous species eat the combination of the above. As the experts on reptiles from Reptile.Guide explains, depending on the species your lizard belongs to, you might even need to introduce live small animals like mice or fish to their diet. It is important to observe their

eating habits to make sure they are taking the food. Take time to learn about the different options of the diets for your pet lizard and find what suits them best.


Lizards cannot produce their warmth, therefore they are highly dependent upon the temperature in their environment. This is one of the most important factors that contribute to the health of your pet lizard. Besides temperature, other important climate factors are humidity, precipitation, light, and air pressure. These should be constantly controlled, meaning you need to adjust the circumstances of daytime and season. Since the change from day to nighttime climate is extremely important the climate regulation is controlled with the help of technical apparatus. Don’t forget to monitor the amount of air in the terrarium as well and make super they are exposed to the sunlight all the time.

Claws Cutting and Skin Removing

Long, sharp claws are typical for most species and they usually don’t need to be cut. But when it comes to ground-dwelling lizards, their nails may become long and curved. This is mainly due to floor material or the animal just isn’t active enough, and then they must be clipped. If you have never done this before you should probably have their claw-cutting done the first time by a veterinarian, an experienced pet-shop owner until you learn how to do it yourself. Most lizards finish their molting without any trouble. However, occasionally, some skin may remain attached to their toes and the keeper must assist in removing the remaining portions of the old skin.

Owning a pet lizard provides a unique experience. To enjoy it to the fullest, you have to follow a specific set of rules to maintain the health and the happiness of your pet on the highest level. Concentrating on the most important aspects of living with a lizard, this article will help you make your and your pet’s life much enjoyable.

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