You just finished your outdoor landscape. The plants and trees are all looking fresh and pleasant. The seats and that barbeque grill are ready to rock. You even added numerous additional decorative pieces to make the place even livelier than before. All it needs now is the appropriate lighting. But that is where you grind to a halt. You have no idea what kind of outdoor lighting to install. You might be thinking about whether to prioritize aesthetics or functionality. Which should come first? It is getting pretty messed up! But donโ€™t you worry one bit. We have a guide that will help you work out your outdoor lighting woes. Besides visiting a website, here are some things you can take note of overall. Letโ€™s get started.

Go for safety

The first thing you have to prioritize with any lighting system is safety. It does not matter where you install the lights. The most crucial thing is that they should be safe to use. You can install quality and safe lights for now. Then you can customize them with a frame or other decorative pieces later.

Next comes simplicity

It is a fact that with outdoor lights that less is way more. You can knock it out with simple designs that go well with the rest of the setting. Nature provides natural lighting for your outdoor place. That means you do not have to go all out with any lighting system you choose to install there.

Sure, you can still go ahead with fancy and expensive outdoor lighting systems. But they might make too much of an impression on the lot. You have to keep in mind that these lights will not hog all the aesthetic action once you finally install them.


Your lighting should always complement the environment around it, not the other way around. You have to find that balance with the light and other pieces that make your outdoor space whole. You can get creative with this aspect by making lighting decorations yourself. You can also look for alternatives online.

Go for efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game in todayโ€™s outdoor lights. One way you can achieve this aspect is by utilizing LED or light-emitting diode bulbs. These bulbs are famous for reducing your electricity bills by an astounding ninety percent. Now, that is a lot of savings for lighting outside up! In addition, LED lights to come in all sorts of designs, duration, and other features. You can have a splendid time choosing which ones to get.


You plan to set some lights outside. That means you have to deal with all sorts of weather conditions. It is paramount that any lighting system you install must be ready for outdoor use. For this concept, you might have to set aside aesthetics and appeal. Will they work during the rainy season? Will these lights withstand the winter cold and summer heat without breaking down? You have to answer these questions before you place anything in your cart.

How is it from inside?

You will also have to consider the outdoor lights from the inside. How do they look? You do not want your guests to be squinting from the bright illumination coming outside. So you have to think about how to set the lights, and where you place them.

Consider security

These additional lights will make your outdoor setting look better at night. Not only that, but they also make your space a lot more secure and safe. They keep all entry and exit points lit โ€“ allowing you to see anyone at any given time.

You can place additional spotlights in blind areas of your property. Another neat way to add security is by setting up wall lanterns at garage doors, windows, and so on.

Will These Lights Be Expensive?

The quick answer would be that it depends on you. Perhaps you want to install some of those fancy lights you saw on Instagram the other month. Or it could be that you want to keep things fair and neat. Take note that not all lighting fixtures and systems are that expensive. However, some options might take a toll on your finances. So it would be best that you consider your budget first before getting your hands on lights.

Another aspect that adds to your expense would be hiring a company to install the lights. Such a contracting company will set and complete your lighting system in a matter of time. They will also make sure that everything will function without any issues at all. The only thing is that you will have to pay for their services and labor. So it would be up to you to look for a company that fits your requirements or needs.

I Want To Get Rid Of Old Outdoor Fixtures

That is something you can do. You have a variety of options when dealing with old outdoor fixtures. You can do any of the following:

  • Sell
  • Recycle
  • Donate

But that means you will do some research before selling or giving your outdoor fixture for an auction. You will need to see if it has enough value to make a profit. The internet offers tons of websites that purchase old pieces and lighting systems, such as this one.

You can also see if you can play with it as an additional decorative piece in your outdoor setting. So you better take things one step at a time. You do not want your head buried in your face later on after you find out that your outdoor fixture is worth a fortune after you gave it away.

Light It Up

It can be a bit tricky to find the ideal outdoor lighting theme or system. But it is all up to you to locate which one fits best. But that does not mean you have to break the bank in doing so. There are tons of cheap alternatives out there โ€“ all you have to do is look. But the most crucial thing while setting up these lights is that you should have fun doing it. It will not be a worthy investment no matter what if the lights do not make you feel satisfied or happy.

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