Rainy days do not equal staying at home and getting cozy. (Even though that’s what you want to do). I am guilty of this! There is nothing more relaxing than watching the rain fall while drinking tea. However, we all have to go about our fabulous lives rain or shine.

A marvelous woman has a “rain plan” and that means she has in her wardrobe accessories that are appropriate for rainy days. Who wants to ruin a good pair of designer shoes in the water?

Below a list of the items, I suggest you add for a rainy day in style.


A raincoat should be a closet staple. Raincoats are functional and stylish. They come in all colors and sizes. Decide on a neutral tone. Raincoats come in a variety of different colors. For instance, you may want to choose a neutral tone such as khaki, nude, or black. These colors are timeless and will look nice with a variety of different outfits.

Rain boots or PVC shoes

Often overlooked, rain boots will basically help you not to wear your sneakers under the rain (you know you do). Rain boots are made of rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that protect your feet from getting water inside. They come in different colors and heights. From ankle to mid-leg, all covered in modern prints to match your every outfit. Look at this guide of PVC shoes that will elevate any outfit and will add versatility to your closet.


Your hair should be protected from the water. Frizzy hair is a big problem for us when it comes to rainy days. Wearing your regular anti-frizz serum and a hat should be good enough. Trending hats right now are PVC bucket hats, a beanie, or a wide brim hat. For an element of fun, there are headwraps in all colors that will protect your goldie locks from humidity.


Go for a modern and stylish design when it comes to buying an umbrella. You want it to flow with the rest of the outfit. Even though it is not the focal point. The umbrella can be solid-colored in a neutral, bright hue, clear or fully covered with modern prints. The umbrella is that special touch of the rainy day OOTD.

Rain Capes or Ponchos

For a more casual look, but still stylish, ponchos are a perfect choice. Unlike raincoats, ponchos are lightweight and less formal. They are perfect to keep in your purse at all times for those unexpected pours. Ponchos or capes can be folded to fit into any purse and are very light in weight. They are made with water-resistant material but not as thick as a raincoat.

If you want to look stylish when going for a run, hike, or an outdoor concert, wear a poncho!

To feel the most comfortable while walking on puddles, wear jeggings, leggings, or tapered pants as bottoms. You want to be able to be comfortable if you have to run or walk for a long distance under the rain.

Have fun adding these essentials to your closet!

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