The online casino market is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. While recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed online gaming to the fore, the boom of online casinos has been a long time coming as more aspects of our daily lives get digitized and moved online.

Guest author Jacek Michałski shares more info on how online streaming is transforming the gaming industry. To find out more about Jacek Michałski, overview here.

One major way that digitalization has affected our lives is the ascendance of online streaming. Compared to previous generations who had to trek to the nearest theatre or tune in to their television at a specified time to watch a program they like, current generations are used to “on-demand” services – no longer do they have to clear their schedule to watch the latest episode of their show, they can watch it at their convenience.

Online Casinos and Streaming

Online casinos have long looked toward the innovations exemplified by digital streaming platforms to drive their own progress. Casino streaming is now becoming more popular, helping online casinos draw in new players.

Polish players for example spend a lot of time following their favourite poker players on Twitch and learn from their live streaming. They then use these lessons to go out and play games and use these strategies to their advantage. If you are looking for a good online casino in Poland, you can check out kasyna online. Online casino operators know their markets and use live streaming in markets like Poland to bring in new players.

YouTube and Twitch Boost Online Streaming

Online streaming generally works by broadcasting oneself while playing conventional video games, often through a platform like YouTube or Twitch. In the casino industry, players broadcast themselves playing casino games, effectively giving their viewers a look into what it feels like to gamble online. Viewers are privy to the full gamut of emotions one goes through while gambling: feeling joy when the player wins, and feeling down when they lose.

Because viewers are able to “feel” how it feels like to play online, they don’t feel the scepticism that may emerge from traditional ads. The streamers’ ability to connect with their viewers allows casinos to bypass the inauthentic vibe of classic ads, allowing casinos to draw in new players who are already excited to play.

In this article, we take a look at two of the biggest ways online streaming has taken the lead among gaming industry trends, transforming online games marketing as we know it.

Streamers Are More Relatable than Traditional Ads

Old-timers may not understand the appeal of streamers. While many streamers look like models, there are also tons of those who look like any other man or woman on the street. What underlies their appeal?

It’s simple: streamers rely on likability and reliability. Unlike Hollywood stars whose glamour keeps them at an arm’s length away from their fans at all times, streamers live by their “ordinary” charm. Viewers tune in because streamers look like them, or look like someone who lives next door.

Thus, when streamers play at a certain online casino, viewers are more likely to agree with the impressions streamers have. Traditional casino ads often lean on luxury and glamour, which can rub ordinary people the wrong way. Streamers dispense with standard marketing language and show their viewers the actual experience of playing at a site.

When streamers play at a certain online casino, viewers become more acquainted with what the casino stands for. Is this online casino friendly to low-rollers, or partial to high-rollers? Viewers trust streamers to get this information for them. Over time, viewers build their own impressions based on what streamers experience on-cam—X casino is better for those with larger budgets, while Y casino is better for low-rollers looking to win big, and so on.

These impressions help online casinos market in a more precise fashion, with the benefit for viewers of finding online casinos that work for their specific needs.

Streamers Allow Casinos to Engage with New Players

Because streamers don’t rely on only their looks or skills to hit it big, many viewers feel close to streamers and mirror their views accordingly. If a video game streamer chooses to play at an online casino, his or her viewers will likely gain a better impression of gambling from that compared to watching traditional casino ads.

New players help keep online casinos buzzing. This is why welcome bonuses are standard. Streamers can help attract these players by interacting with them, providing a human face on gambling.

For instance, new players might be scared to try out online casinos because of scams. Streamers can address these issues in a personable way, allowing viewers to get a risk-free sneak peek of gaming online. This helps lower the hump of joining a casino.

Gaming market trends have tilted to the personal style favoured by streamers. Online casinos would be well-advised to work with streamers to tap into this massive base of non-traditional casino players.


Online streaming is going to get bigger with every passing year and casino operators will start leveraging streaming, even more, to bring in new players and interact with existing players.

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