With the transformation of technology, it has now revolutionized many different industries. From marketing, retail, and healthcare, we are beginning to see new technology being introduced with every passing day. Where it is playing a substantial part, however, is in education. Not only does it transform the way students learn, but it also opens many new routes of education too.

The idea of completing an online course, with the help of establishments like GetEducated.Online, has grown in popularity in the last several years. Being able to dive into the world of online learning has appealed to many students who wish to grow their education from the comfort of their own surroundings and instead of in a classroom setting.

But just what are the differences between online learning and classroom learning? Well, weโ€™re about to find out.

Going At Your Own Pace

In a physical classroom setting, it can be hard to keep up with the paces of your fellow classmates and lecturers. However, this will ultimately depend on your unique learning style. One of the main differences between learning online rather than in a classroom setting is that your course materials can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and at any time. This is regardless of time zones and the location of the student. What this also means is that you could work a full-time job and still have the opportunity to read up on prior or new course materials to ensure that you have the required knowledge for an upcoming assessment, for example.

That being said, most people enjoy the idea of online learning because it gives you the ability to study at your own pace, without fearing the need to rush to keep up with your course mates.

Human Interaction

Though you will be interacting in different ways, you will find that you wonโ€™t have any physical interaction with your professor or lecturer when you complete an online course. You will still be able to interact and talk with them on a daily basis, but this will all be completed via email or Skype instead of from across a desk.

On the other hand, classroom learning revolves around the idea of physically interacting with anyone that is in the same vicinity as you, whether that be lecturers, classmates, or guest speakers. While you will be interacting with others, the level at which you are interacting will differ depending on whether you are taking a physical or online course. Even if you donโ€™t like physically interacting with others, itโ€™s a bonus to know that you have the opportunity to choose between two effective learning methods.

Practice What You Have Learnt

If you have ever been to university before, you will know just how much you could be required to give up or put on hold in order to complete your chosen studies. If you have done this, you will know how hard it can be to put anything that you have learned at university into practice because it is very likely that you just wonโ€™t have the time. With online learning, however, you will be able to fit your education around your work schedules, thus meaning that you are given the opportunity to put these skills into practice as soon as possible. It will work out very well if you can apply them to your workplace.

That doesnโ€™t mean to say that those students who learn in a classroom setting canโ€™t put their skills into practice. It may just be the case of waiting until you have finished your degree and have re-entered the workforce. An advantage of this though is that it will give you more time to be able to brush up on any areas that need working on before taking this huge step.


No one likes completing assessments. Even if it is in a subject that you are a truly passionate about, they will still bring up emotions that no one wants to deal with. But depending on whether you learn in a classroom or online, how you do your assessments may differ. Classroom learning assessments may involve quizzes as well as exams that may be completed in silence with an external invigilator overseeing them. When it comes to online learning though, they may be completed on an individual basis or within groups which you will have to upload so it can be marked by your lecturer.

In some cases, open-book online exams may be used to complete an assessment.

All in all, there are many differences between the idea of classroom and online learning. But one thing they do have in common is that they will both provide you with the education needed to excel in your chosen career. Which route you decide to pursue is up to you.

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