While some would love to set out to a field and play rough, some wouldn’t mind staying indoors and playing in their own empire. Both these gaming options have become a trend in the present world. Online Gaming is where you play sport games indoors. Outdoor Gaming is the traditional way of playing sports. And then the newest addition, Online Betting. This was originally hosted in betting centres, where people would visit to submit their bet, however today there are trusted betting portals all over the internet for Outdoor gaming. Top Betting Sites are based on bonuses and the highest positive reviews. So rather than heading to the betting centre you can pick your team and bet online.

However, discussing Online and Outdoor gaming, we came across quite a large amount of surprising facts we didn’t expect. Let’s take a look.

Pros of Online gaming

When it comes to advantages of Online gaming, Weather is the least you need to worry about. As long as you’re based indoors, you’re safe from all the rains and thunderstorms. Unless well, there’s a hurricane or electricity runs out cutting off your online presence.

According to GamingScan, Online Gaming is always faster and fun to play regardless of gender and age. It’s less time consuming than Outdoor Gaming. Plus you get to choose your characters, locations, modes, appearances and you pretty much have a firm control over your game. While this free reign provides you all the fun you want, they also help boost you Brain cells.

One of the biggest advantages of online gaming is its ability in improving senses. This doesn’t necessarily mean those who don’t play online games have less intelligence, studies and researches have proved those who engage in Online games have keen knowledge on thinking and their brain cells and neurons are much active compared to those who don’t.

Besides, when you’re alone, gaming is the perfect way to keep company to yourself. Online games require minimum to one player and even those differ from one another. While playing video games, you tend to forget the stresses and anxiety that overpowers you, although it is quite temporary it helps heal for a moment.

Cons of Online gaming

With all the flowers come the thorns as well. Online gaming has its own disadvantages compared to Outdoor activities. The biggest health hazard that has arisen in the present day is Obesity. Studies have shown that those who often engage in Online Gaming are found overweight leading an unhealthy diet. Apart from that, many have illnesses related to eyesight and muscular pains. Due to lack of exercises, these people are also prone different heart conditions.

However on a Psychological note, most children who play Online gaming were found lacking social skills and adults who often play Online games were mostly found depressed with a limited social life.

Pros of Outdoor gaming

Coming to our next topic, Outdoor gaming is so far the healthiest option for gaming. From the early ages, man has been playing outdoor sports as a leisure activity. It helps gain body fitness, develops muscular strengths and healthy physical growth for kids.

Not only does it boost your health. It’s observed that those who play outdoor activities have higher self-confidence compared to online gamers. This is due to the active practices and physical appearances you have to maintain than those who play games online. With this confidence, you learn to overcome your obstacles in life as if it’s a field game and with time it develops.

Some play outdoor games as a relaxation activity. A hard day’s work at an office requires concentration off a computer. By getting this physical exercise people who work 9-5 jobs have a huge chance of reducing their risk of health-related illnesses. While Outdoor games relax one’s mind, it also helps gain strength in day-to-day activities.

Cons of Outdoor Gaming

Although most people see only the health and social benefits of Outdoor gaming, we were able to find some disadvantages which are mostly missed out.

The biggest con of Outdoor gaming is the possible physical injuries that follow. Not every sport could harm you, for an instance Tennis, Badminton and such would cause little to zero harm, but sports like Rugby and Football could leave possible brain and bone injuries. This is not to scare you off from setting your feet out to the field, injuries as such are very rare. If you take correct precautions it would keep you safe.

Playing outdoors could be tricky, at times of flu and spreading diseases. Unless you have a strong immune system to fight off any illness, in seasons of such, you’d have to stay indoors playing online games to stay safe. Especially children are highly prone to different skin diseases.  

Outdoor games can also be a little inconvenient given the fact that it’s played well – outside. Weather could disrupt, so does renovations and close downs. If you play a team sport and if your partners cancel plans, you’d have to back out as well.


When discussing the pros and cons of Online gaming and Outdoor gaming, we realized the fact that, there is no one correct opinion. Both of them has their own unique benefits and disadvantages. While online gaming helps you be keener on work, it also causes different illnesses such as Obesity. Outdoor gaming, on the other hand, is ideal for fitness, health and relaxation but if you’d possibly be prone to physical injuries and outdoor playing could be inconvenient in some cases.

However, choosing your pick of preference is solely in your hands. You can either stay indoors and play online, go outdoors and play on a field or bet for your favourite teams on the internet and win like a pro.

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