Todayโ€™s television is unrecognizable from TV in the past. So much evolution has happened in the television sphere and there is much more to come.

In the past, television networks had full control of the content and operations of television. Things have since changed drastically and TV might be recognizable in the near future.

As the speed of technological progress increases, the changes in TV and its content will change more rapidly. The following are some of the trends that will soon become normal:

Bigger Screens

Our obsession with giant TV screens does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. In the future, you can expect TV screens to get even bigger.

The screens that are in peopleโ€™s living rooms, are way larger than people in the past could imagine. Now, they are normal and, in the future, a hundred-inch screen could be normal.

Moreover, screens will continue being cheaper as they become larger. The price of 65- and 75-inch screens in the future will be as cheap as regular TVs now.

Higher Quality Images

Another thing that has been significantly refined in the past two decades is picture quality. We have never witnessed clearer images on TV as we are now.

HD images and video starts from 720 pixels but nowadays, you can easily get TVs that can show pictures in 4K quality. In the future, you can expect to see TV screens with 8K picture quality.

Very few manufacturers currently produce 8K TV sets but more companies have them in development and will produce them in the future. In the future, HD might be the regular picture quality that we are all accustomed to.

Elaborate TV Advertising

TV advertising is a lot more developed than it was a few decades ago. The next few decades might be a whole new game altogether.

The advertisements you see today will be very simple compared to the elaborate and well-crafted advertising in the future. You can learn more about TV advertising from There are many more changes happening in the TV advertising space.

TV is offering more opportunities for advertising than ever before. The advertisements that are typically reserved for events such as the Superbowl will be commonplace in the future.

Content Mobility

Electronic devices are becoming ever more powerful and versatile hence you can synchronize as many devices as you want. When watching television content on these screens, the trend is now to ensure that it can be seen across all devices also known as content mobility.

In the future, television content will need to be even more mobile, moving from device to device and from location to location. If your content cannot be accessed through even one device, then you fall behind your competition.

Therefore, TV channels will need to become more versatile in the content they offer and also ensure that it can be accessed through any channel whatsoever.

Event-Based Viewing

The typical mode of viewing television content is on a subscription basis. For example, you pay a monthly subscription of $50 and you can enjoy all of a TV stationโ€™s content.

You can view regular TV news, series, movies and any live sports they present. On the other hand, the trend we are now seeing is that only the basics are paid for via subscription while the rest is paid on an event basis. Pay per view boxing is the best example in this regard.

In the future, more and more content, especially live events, will be viewed on an event basis. It will significantly change the way we view and pay for television content.

Live Streaming

The traditional method of consuming content on TV was to turn on your TV set and watch whatever was being broadcasted on a particular channel. The network decided what was broadcasted and the consumer had no say in the matter but no more.

Today we have already witnessed a large shift towards streaming of TV content instead of watching broadcasts. Consumers can now select whatever content from a producer they would like to watch and they can then stream it at their own pleasure.

TV networks that broadcast content via cable or satellite are slowly becoming obsolete.  Streaming TV content through the internet is a trend that we can expect to continue in the future.

There are always changes happening in the entertainment industry and in TV in particular. The future looks bright for TV as there will be bigger screens, more elaborate & targeted TV advertising as well as more content mobility. The best part is that TV is slowly being geared towards the consumer. Therefore, we can expect to enjoy TV a lot more in the future.

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