2016 is just a few months away and as the New Year approaches, people start looking forward to all the latest gadgets that will be introduced in the coming year.
Every year big brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC and other companies introduce different kinds of gadgets. 2015 did not disappoint us as there were so many amazing gadgets introduced like; Apple smart watch, Samsung galaxy s6, IPhone 6S and so many other gadgets. So the question that comes in everyone’s mind is that will 2016 be as promising as 2015? Will there be new exciting gadgets to look forward to? Here is the list of the coolest gadgets to look forward to in 2016.


As many countries in the world are trying to be more environmental friendly, people are using more public transportation and non-fuel ways of transportation. A bike is a good mode of transportation where there is no fuel required and is one the most efficient way to go from one place to another. A new concept is introduced called the E-bikes. These bikes are the first “smart” bikes that will fold in one second. One of the most amazing features of the bike is that it is portable, you would not have to look for safe places to park it. Instead all you have to is fold it and take it with you wherever you want. The bike has its own GPS navigation systems, locks and lights. Also you can use the bike’s mobile application and share all your favorite routes over social media and keep a track on how many miles you rode the bike and so on forth. The bike has anti puncture tires which means that you would not have to worry about flat tires anymore. There is a USB phone charger slot and a belt drive. Orders for this E-bike will start from summer 2016.


One of the latest tech gadgets that maybe introduced in 2016 are the HoloLens by Asus. Previous Microsoft was the first company to develop such lens. Now Asus wants to develop their own version of HoloLens.  These Lenes will allow you to experience 3D images and layer the images so that you can see them in the real world as well. Currently Microsoft is not selling the glasses in the retail market, perhaps Asus can introduce them in 2016 and have an edge. The HoloLens focus on creating 3D images, there is gesture control which will help you click on the augmented image in real life and lastly the HoloLens are packed with sensors which will give an amazing experience. Fingers crossed for this new gadget!

Foldable Phone by Samsung

There are many rumors that Samsung might be introducing the first flexible phone. This new line of flexible smartphones might be introduced in 2016. One the most amazing feature is that is can blend in whatever position you like to, it is light weight and has some unique features. This is definitely something to look forward to.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers

Spring 2016 will be exciting as Nike will be introducing the new “Back to the future” self-lacing sneakers. These shoes will lace up themselves and will work best for people with disabilities or for people who have trouble lacing their shoes. Life will be made easier for people and this new amazing gadget might do wonders!

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

As we say goodbye to 2015 and are ready to welcome 2016 with open arms, there are many promising gadgets that the upcoming year is promising. The ones mentioned here are few of the gadgets that are very exciting to look forward to. The new devices will have many amazing features which are completely new and never seen before. Some gadgets will help save the environment and others will help people with disabilities. All the new gadgets will be available on online shopping websites like Kaymu, Amazon and EBay. Many different brands are coming up with amazing gadgets. Let’s keep our hopes high and grab these gadgets as soon as they are launched. You can book them online and get them before anyone else you know and also get them delivered at your house anywhere in Sri Lanka through online marketplaces.

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