NerdHunt : February 2016

NerdHunt : February 2016
In the middle of 2014, we started the journey to make a good knowledge pool for the people who really want to improve their knowledge in a quick and easy way with a good thrust.

Therefore, we contacted many academics and professional roles for helping us to provide articles which are rich in quality. Meanwhile in that journey, we have done few web development works too.By the final week of last January 2016, our Chief Strategy Officer, Chathurie Nupearachchi came up with a great idea to start and promote a competition between the people who really like to write. That idea is “NerdHunt”: Article Contest. She was behind the scene all the time to launch this project in a methodical and successful way.  Under her proper guidance, we announced NerHunt on February 1, 2016 using our website, e-mail newsletter and social media.

By the end of February, we received many articles from all around the world. Finally, our panel of judges selected the article of Amila K. Sampath who is an undergraduate of University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. In addition, we wish to publish some of the good articles that we have already received in February with the permission of the particular writer in the near future.

As promised, Amila’s article was published as the winning article of NerdHunt: February on February 04, 2016. Also our Chief Advertising Officer, Imesha Ruwanpathirana awarded the certificate to Amila on February 07, 2016.

After a successful month with NerdHunt we are looking forward and optimistic about Nerdhunt: March. You too can send an article to [email protected] and please sign up now to get our latest updates. Hurry up!

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