Once Leonardo da Vinci has said that, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” As Nerdynauts, our target is to cater the needs of people who really want to fill their minds with knowledge.
Nerd Hunt is a competition to make that effort a reality. We received lot of articles for the last month’s competition. Our panel of judges chose the article of Upeksha De Sliva who is currently studying at the Open University of Sri Lanka as the winning article of Nerd Hunt: March 2016. Her article was  “Are you feeding your body or ego?”.On April 10, 2016 Nerdynaut team arranged a meeting with Upeksha at Arcade Independence Square, Colombo. Our new Chief Operations Officer, Chathurie Nupearachchi handed over the Nerd Huntcertificate to Upeksha.  Even our winner mentioned that she too will contribute more such articles to Nerdynaut in the near future.

The Next Nerd Hunt has also begun.
After a successful month with Nerd Hunt we are looking forward and optimistic about Nerdhunt: April. You too can send an article to [email protected] and please sign up now to get our latest updates. Hurry up!

Think, Write, Send. We believe you can achieve!

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