The American Heart Association (AHA) is the world’s leading voluntary health organization dedicated to fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke. The AHA has been around since 1924 and they work hard every day to provide care for patients in hospitals, clinics, and homes. They also provide information on heart-healthy living, research updates, treatment guidelines, you name it! But what if your ACLS certification is about to expire? You don’t need to worry because there’s a process that can be completed quickly and painlessly right from home. In this guide, we will discuss how you can recertify your ACLS certification, a process that any healthcare provider should know before it’s too late.

1. What is the ACLS certification

One of the most widely recognized and accepted standards in the US for healthcare providers is Advanced Cardiac Life Support. ACLS certification is a way for a healthcare provider to have credentials in cardiac arrest situations, and it’s valid for two years, after which it requires recertification. This certification gives the healthcare provider tools to save lives when someone’s heart has stopped because CPR won’t work.  ACLS certification is required for healthcare providers who wish to work in a hospital setting, especially within the operating or emergency room.

2. The process of recertifying your ACLS certification

The process for recertifying your ACLS certification only takes a few minutes to complete from home. All you need is a computer and internet connection! Simply log onto the website provided by the AHA and follow their instructions for recertification which include a short quiz with questions about adult basic life support, pediatric advanced life support, intra-arrest management, post-cardiac arrest care, e-therapy defibrillation, and cardiovascular emergencies. The AHA also has a video library where you can watch educational videos to prepare for the quiz! Once you take the quiz, it will be graded instantaneously. If you score 80% or higher on your first attempt at the quiz, congratulations! Your ACLS certification has been renewed and you can print out your certificate. If you score below 80% on your first attempt at the quiz, try again until you score an AHA-certified mark.  You must recertify your ACLS certification every two years in order to continue working towards the AHA’s mission of saving lives.

3. Why is it important that you recertify your ACLS certification?

The AHA’s success rate for patients who have had a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital is much higher when ACLS-trained healthcare providers are present. This means that ACLS-certified healthcare professionals can save more lives when they are present! Without the allocation of enough ACLS-certified workers, patients who suffer cardiac arrest will die within minutes instead of hours if their heart has stopped.

4. Benefits of having an ACLS certificate

The benefits of getting an ACLS certificate are important because they include the ability to provide care for other people, increase your job security, and have peace of mind. One benefit is that you’ll be able to provide care for other people no matter what level their training is at. For example, you may be able to help out with a situation where someone has a head injury or can be used in situations where someone has had a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. Another benefit is that it will put you in a better position for securing jobs or promotions due to your competence. It’s not all about the number-one spot on the totem pole, some people just want to be able to advance and get a raise. Even if you’re not looking for advancement, this certification will still help increase your job security because it’s something that very few people have.

5. How to prepare for your recertification

To prepare for your recertification, make sure you have a valid email address and know your CPR certification expiration date. Additionally, be aware of the continuing education hours required by the American Heart Association (AHA) to recertify. The AHA is one of the most widely recognized certifications in all of EMS and as such is a valuable credential. Be sure you have either a current certification or sponsorship from an employer to meet this requirement. You will then need to complete and submit your renewal form and payment. You can then log into your account on the AHA website, click “submit”, and wait for your new certification to arrive in the mail, and after that, you can print it out to have a solid copy of it.

Your ACLS certification is expiring and you need to recertify your ACLS certification? Don’t worry! Simply follow the easy steps of the AHA’s website, keep yourself up-to-date with all of their information on heart health, and continue saving lives! If more Americans knew about what the AHA did for them, they wouldn’t fear a cardiovascular event.

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