If you are thinking about buying a paddle board it can be easy to get lost in all the sizes, colours, brands and more! Then you have the problem of working out where to buy the board that is going to be the best value for your money. This post is going to walk you through what you need to know and how to buy the right paddle board for you.

What Type of Paddle Board Do You Need?

Different types of paddle boards are designed for different activities in the water. There are four main types of boards and these are surf, allround, flatwater and race boards. Below we will go into the differences of each board type.ย 

  • Surf: surf paddle boards are shorter and have a narrower nose and tail on the board. It is more curved than some of the other boards. Generally, you are going to want this type of board if you plan to spend a lot of time in the surf, as the narrow shape of the board makes it easy to stay upright when on a wave.
  • Allround: the allround boards tend to be thicker, longer and wider than your standard surf paddle boards. These boards are versatile, meaning you can try out surfing, touring, yoga and more. The versatility of this board makes it a popular choice among beginners.
  • Flatwater:  As the name suggests, flatwater boards are best used in flat waters. The top of the board is pointed to help the board glide smoothly and quickly through open waters.
  • Race: The race board is within the same family as the flatwater board, however, it is designed with a pointier nose and a narrower width for increased speed in the water.

Work Out What Size You Need

You need to figure out what size board fits your body size, as you need a board that supports your weight and height. The buoyancy of your board will depend on the length, width and thickness measurements. If you get the wrong size you will end up feeling unstable on your board and it will not glide through the water very well. If in doubt, consider using a SUP size calculator to give you a better sense of what you ought to be looking for.

Always Check Out Reviews

While reading through reviews might not be the most stimulating of things to do, it is a very important part of the buying process. There are lots of online guides and reviewing platforms to help you get some clarity, and at StandUpPaddleBoardsReview.com you can access several reviews and articles ranking different SUPs. Exploring these resources is a good way to start the process, as you can quickly cut out any options that arenโ€™t up to scratch. This part of the process can be a bit time consuming, however, it can save you a lot of money in the long run if it prevents you from buying the wrong board. So be patient and make sure you are doing your research thoroughly.


Before hitting the shops it is a good idea to have a budget in mind, you ought to have a degree of flexibility with this though as paddleboards can range in price massively. You can get boards that are as cheap as $200 and some that are as expensive as $2000+. Expensive doesnโ€™t always mean it’s better, because if you are a beginner just starting out then you should not be spending excess money on a board, just to find out later that you do not enjoy the sport. Generally, you will be able to find a good quality inflatable SUP at roughly $500, and a solid SUP from around $800.

Buy Online VS Shop In Store

There are pros and cons to shopping online and in-store. For instance, shopping in-store, you can get more of a feel for the boards and a better idea of what size is best for you. However, with the current climate we live in, Covid-19 has haltered the easy process of popping into the shop and browsing. Alternatively, you can go online and you will be inundated with different choices and exclusive online discounts. Whether you shop online in store, make sure that you are getting a good warranty on your board. Anything under 60 days is a marker of a poorly manufactured board and you should avoid this.

Buying a paddleboard is exciting, but it is also a hefty investment, so you have to take the time to make sure you are getting the right one for you. Take your time and do your research before committing.

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