What comes into your mind when you hear Nautical Art? Does it remind you of someone who loves the sea? Nautical art is famous in beach houses as it looks stunning for any type of home style. This can be ideal also in a charming home office as well as in the bathroom. Hanging this work of art in any home could showcase the interest and love of the beach by the homeowner.

There are nautical paintings that usually feature anchor, ship, lanterns, mariner. Even natural humans sailing across the ocean are being featured on this artwork.

Maritime art can be a painting, drawing, and sculpture that draws a main inspiration from the sea. It is a form of figurative art. Artists do an oil painting for their maritime artwork to make it stylish. It conveys the expanse of water and its splendor in the sun.

Marine Painting

Dutch painters in marine paintings depict the sea in various forms. It can be like a serene expanse of water, a seething element, or a sailor that conquers the vast expanses of the sea. The sea serves as the backdrop of sailing ships against the scenery of a soothing sunset. Marine paintings endowed a special meaning by personifying the turbulent sea of life. It can also be with the element of love and passion. The Dutch are distinguished with the subtlety of the color scheme on small size paintings.

In the Dutch Golden Age painting by paintings in paintings – a role play seascapes depicted. An example of which is a young woman that reads a love letter that has a landscape hanging behind her back in the wall. You can already imagine the plot which reveals her love relationships, calm or violent.

Cornelis Antonis is the first marina in all the paintings of ships at sea that shows a fleet of Portuguese (c. 1520, London, Maritime Museum). The first storm created outside of the historical context written by Peter Brueghel. It is available for viewing in the Vienna Museum of the History of Art. She became the last picture of Brueghel that is unusual bold work for a painting of that time. Gentle white seagulls roar over the rearing blue chasm of the sea. Ships are in the proximity of the coveted shore while everyone is free to assume allegory of freedom.

It is rare to meet marine subjects with a full-pledged plot on the paintings of early artists. In the middle of the seventeenth century, everything changed. It changed because of one painting written by Rembrandt. The only seascape of the great artist that laid a foundation for the development of a whole genre.

Rembrandt Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee
ยฉ Rembrandt – www.gardnermuseum.org

A powerful impetus to the development of seascape presented all over Europe. The canvas was stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the United States. Nobody knows where it went and if who possesses it. It is the only seascape painted by Rembrandt.

Famous Marine Artists

  • Ludolph Bakheisen, Amsterdam (1631 – 1708)
  • Canaletto, Venice (1697 – 1768)
  • Francesco Guardi, Venice (1712 – 1793)
  • William Turner, London (1775 – 1851)
  • Ivan Aivazovsky, Feodosia (1817 – 1990)

The Famous Artist worked in the genre of seascapes with different biases. William Turner revised the image and presentation of the landscape to the viewers. He had a little image of some visual art when he began to depict the impression and emotions.

The Fighting Temeraire. 1839, by Joseph Mallord William Turner
ยฉ J. M. W. Turner – National Gallery of Art

Artists have started to use the writing style of Turner since his popularity runs for a decade. Correspondents call the artists that use the writing style of Turner as Impressionists. Monet and Renoir are some of the artists that used the style and started to create a masterpiece.

Most marine painters are living near rivers and seas. Their love of water and passion for creating paintings is remarkable. A painter named Aivazovsky was born in Crimea and he learned to draw water on the banks of Feodosia. Eduard Manet took paints and canvases with him on the water. Artists Van Gogh and Goghin always went to Ron River and practiced there. These are only a few of the artists that lived near the sea or river. The geographical locations of artists are usually displayed in their work.

An artist may find a place that inspires them to paint from or even to get an idea from. It can be a form of imagination too. A painting of a lakeside view with a couple near the lake talking could result in romantic art. Artists can go above and beyond with their work of art.

Oceans stands for emotions like somewhat countered to but not an intellect conflict.

 Ocean artwork teems sea lives such as fish, sharks, crabs, dolphins, seagulls, stingrays. They can all be splashing, floating, flying or swimming in detailed artwork.

Some artwork evokes the sound, smells, sensations of swimming, diving underneath the waves. Standing on the shore and gazing in awe at the sea life that is all around you. This kind of artwork not only captures the viewer but the can sense it through.

A naval painting is a work of art that depicts a sea with naval troops on board in a big ship. Some paintings illustrate a naval battle in which human combat is in and on the sea or ocean. It can be in any other battlespace involving a major body of water such as a large lake or wide river.

Many preserves and exhibits of Navy Art collection are significant to the history of the Navy.

Nautical art is a wide range of artwork that usually features anything in the ocean. It is an artwork that represents the connection of nature with human beings.

This artwork is perfect for everything from the comfort of home to corporate offices. The stunning nautical paintings can add sophistication and style to any room.

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