It was raining since morning and stopped only few minutes back. I was seated on the roof and flipping through some pictures. Suddenly, my eyes got stuck in one of the pictures and tears rolled down from my cheeks.
​That very moment flashed in my mind of the very day I first met him. It was an evening and I was hanging out with some of my old school friends in a coffee shop, where we were discussing all about our school days memories, all those night camps at school, inter school tests etc.Suddenly, I noticed that someone was looking at me from the opposite side of the road. He was so calm, composed and charming. There was some sort of peace in his face. His big brown eyes had so much of love and compassion. Something about him just attracted me towards him and I fell in love with him at that very moment. I was pretty sure that the same feeling was there from his side. Otherwise why would he constantly stared at me for a long time?It was love at first sight and after that day, I started hanging out in that café. So that by chance I could get to see him again.  One day, there he was seated at the opposite side of the road with same love in his eyes and same peace in his face. From that day onwards, we started meeting regularly and we were inseparable. We had so much fun together, we used to laugh together, eat together and going on trips together. I felt the life was really like a fairy tale those days as if my life was complete with him in it.

He used to love me and understand me very well. He got to know about my moods and he used to treat me according to them. I remember one incident when I was really upset about something and was seated alone on the roof of my building. As usual he understood my feelings and just sat beside me doing nothing and kept his hand on mine. I was crying very softly and just for a second, I looked at my side and there he was rubbing my hand and tears rolling down from his eyes as well. After seeing that, I just hugged him where all of my pain and sadness had just vanished. There was some unspoken bond between us, some deep down connection between us in which nobody could ever figure out or could understand completely.

Then how come we ended up here? What made our inseparable relationship come to a point like this? It was mostly on my fault. Since my promotion at work, life became busy with deadlines and projects. I even started getting complaints from my family, my friends that I did not give time to them because I used to work so much, even on weekends sometimes. I wanted to build up my career. I have always seen my dad working hard. He is still very hard working and a dedicated employee of his company. He has always been my role model and I wanted to become like him. Keeping that in my mind, I was giving more than 100% in my work. Hence, I could not give time to anyone.

Although he never complained, he understood me very well that he also understood that I was really busy. As some more time passed, I stopped spending time with him entirely not until few days back when he really felt sick and was hospitalized. I could not understand the reason behind it. Even after few days in hospital, his condition was not stable and the doctor was not sure of his survival. Even though the doctor was losing hope of saving him, but some part of me knew that he is a fighter.  He will survive and will come back to me. I remembered once he got hurt on his leg and the doctor advised not to let him walk for about three days. Yet, within two hours he started limping and though how much I tried, he never stopped walking. He was full of life and always used to stay happy.

The doctor inquired whether he was used to be upset for long hours, or not eating, or not sleeping properly or whether he was going through some kind of emotional stress. To all of these questions my answer was no but later on, it made me think that the answer for all of the above questions was yes. Was he going through some distress? That was when I started connecting the dots and realized that he was not eating properly from the time I have stopped being with him. How could I be so ignorant about him? He means so much to me. Then why did I neglect him? Then and there I made a promise to myself.  No matter what, how much busy I am, I will take some time out of every day to be with him, to love him more and more, to go out and have fun with him.

My thoughts were interrupted when the doctor wanted to see me. As I entered his cabin, he gave the good news that my love was out of danger but he still had to be in hospital for one more day. Then I could take him home. I was so relived hearing that and still a part of me was making promises to take care of him, to pamper him. As I returned home, I started planning about welcoming him home. I decorated the room, got his favourite food, started planning my next trip with him and in doing all that, I did not realize that the night had passed. Then came the morning of which he will be discharged and come home. I wanted to go to the hospital but I had to rush to office for an important meeting. So, I asked my mom to bring him from the hospital.  She went and finished all the formalities for his discharge and went to his room to take him home. There he was anxiously waiting.

Although this meeting was very important to me but a part of me was thinking about his arrival and this particular two hours seemed really long. When finally it was all over, I got news for another important conference. I had to go out of the town for two days. I had an early morning flight to catch as it was scheduled at the last moment.  The concerned manager could not go as he felt sick and as I had done some work on that particular project, I had to go. In spite of all these scenarios, I was so excited to see my love. Even this news did not bother me much at that time and I left office to head home.

When I reached home, he was sleeping as the doctor had given him some medicine which had made him fall asleep. I was little upset when I heard that he was sleeping but I thought that, no problem I will meet him in the following morning. By thinking all that, I went to my room and started packing while planning for the next day. After that, I had dinner and went to sleep.

In the morning, when I got up it was already late and my taxi also had arrived.  I got ready in a hurry and went to check whether he was up but to my disappointment he was still sleeping. So, I did not want to wake him up and started walking towards the main door to get out of the house. That was when I heard the footsteps. So, I turned around and I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”and I went down on my knees. He came running towards me. We hugged and then he started licking me and showering his unconditional love on me. He is my love, my dog Daisu.

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