It is expensive to move to a new house as you would be spending money to make down and closing payments, moving supplies, truck rentals, etc. Finding the right offers, discounts and specials may not be so easy as you have to carry out this search alongside other moving-related obligations. provides you with some tips to help you save money on your next move.

How to find moving discounts

Moving is expensive, but it is possible to save by taking advantage of discounts. When moving, it’s important to look for and use any specials or discounts that the movers might offer. It is possible to receive a free packing or unpacking service or a discount on your overall cost. You can reduce your moving costs by planning ahead. Here are some things to remember:

  • Beware of unnecessary costs: Items that are considered to be special, like bathtubs, pianos, farm equipment, safes, and washer/dryer units, typically require an additional charge when transported by moving firms. If you have to move one of these items and can’t find discounted movers then you may want to consider selling them and buying new ones later considering that the initial cost and the replacement price could be similar. In order to save money on moving costs you might also consider hiring a truck from an acquaintance and performing some of these tasks by yourself.
  • Ask questions: It is advisable to take a risk and ask about pricing and moving discounts even if the moving company that you are considering using isn’t marketing discounts. The moving provider will be more willing to provide you with discounts or notify you about an offer that may not have been advertised if they realize that you are interested in using their services. Sometimes an agent from customer service will decline your discount request possibly because they aren’t able to provide you with one. In such cases, it’s polite to request a meeting with a supervisor, or someone else in a more senior position at the company in the event that you think there’s the possibility of getting discounts.
  • Make sure you are eligible before applying: You may get so caught up in the lure of deals on moving that you don’t pay attention to the fine print. Before signing any agreement with a moving company, ensure that you look over the fine print. Be sure to present your identity card along with any other proof needed to establish your eligibility for the deal you’re seeking.

Some moving companies charge higher for moves that are close to the move date, planning and booking their service ahead can help you save some money. There could also be discounted storage or moving rates. Moving companies get the most activity during summer and weekend-based moves are significantly more common than moving on a weekday. Also, the beginning and the end of every month are busier than the middle of the month. Plan your relocation in the off-season to cut down on costs as this could also allow you to receive discounts on your move.

How to avoid scams while trying to find discounts

If the price is too good to be true it most likely is. So, if you see an offer from a moving company that has a price that seems too appealing to be true, do some investigation prior to hiring them. You should verify that the company you’re considering hiring is insured and licensed and its credibility is established through Yelp and/or the Better Business Bureau. Recommendations from trusted relatives and friends are also a good idea.

Generally, getting a free estimate from the moving company is a great way to ensure they are professional. Many relocation companies offer free estimates and visit your house to examine the contents, talk to you about your move, and provide a quotation. It is always possible to find another price in case you aren’t satisfied with the quote. Free estimates are an excellent way to make sure that your movers are reliable, professional, and easy to work with. They usually will accommodate your request for a no-cost estimate if you are interested in hiring their services.

Other options for a cost-effective move

Saving money on packaging materials is another way to save costs. It’s easy to find free packaging materials and other relocation aids if you ask around in stores, online marketplaces, and community associations. Also, you can look into local bookstores, liquor stores, and community centers. Employing the professional Zeromax long-distance movers you can opt for a high-quality packing and other moving services.

A portable container is a great option to transport your belongings. Moving containers are much less expensive than hiring professional movers and can be used during and after the move. If you can’t find an efficient method to move large items, you may always consider delivering them in separate pieces and batches.

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