Modifying your car enhances its performance and makes unique improvements. You get to add a personal touch to your car or redesign it to the heart’s content. These modifications can be anything from adding new car mats, installing the alloy wheels to changing the upholstery.

However, if you are going to make bigger modifications in your car, they may impact the insurance premium you pay. So, it’s better to think about the potential costs you might have to bear after altering your vehicle.

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about modified car insurance. First, let’s understand why customizations increase the insurance premium rates.

Why Do Car Modifications Cause You Pay More Insurance Premium?

As far as vehicle insurance is concerned, modified cars are considered to bear greater risks than ordinary ones. And, most of the car customizations are done by the young drivers.

Moreover, insurance companies think that young drivers are unsafe on roads. According to the statistics, young drivers (between 17 and 24 years) account for 39% of road accidents.

The power enhancements make the car faster, as well as harder to control, thus increasing the risk of accidents. Besides this, the upgraded parts cost much more than the vehicle itself. This leads to an increase in the cost of the annual insurance premium of the vehicle.

But don’t panic! You can compare the rates of the insurance providers online and get a cheap car insurance UK.

Do All Modifications Increase The Rate Of Insurance?

Any aesthetics changes, along with performance-enhancing modifications, bump up the cost of premiums. Some of the enhancements that are likely to add an endorsement to your car in

surance policy and may cause to pay an additional premium are:

  • Stereo equipment
  • Racing tires
  • Fog lights
  • Expensive bumpers
  • Accent lights that are installed under the car, etc.

However, changes geared towards improving security do the opposite. Check with your insurance provider to see if you can expect any discount on the modified vehicle. The cheapest car insurance in the UK provides better deals at the premium rates and helps you bring the price down.

How To Get A Cheaper Insurance For A Modified Car?

Though the premiums go up when you tune up your car, it doesn’t mean you need to pay over the odds! Getting cheap car insurance in the UK isn’t a dream! You can compare quotes and settle for a cars insurance company that insures the vehicles at cheaper rates and is reliable. 

There are several other things you can control to keep the insurance rates low such as:

  • Keep your modified car in the garage instead of parking it on the roadside.
  • Consider adding a named driver to your insurance policy.
  • Install GPS trackers, black box device, mounted camera, etc. These devices collect data about your driving habits and may be a deciding factor for how much you should pay.

How To Find A Cheap Car Insurance Company?

No doubt, the cost of customized car insurance is competitive. But, if you conduct thorough research, you can get your car insurance rate tailored within minutes. So make sure to get a car insurance quote from as many providers as possible for the best rates available to you.

A good car insurer answers all your queries and provides you with the options that fit your needs. Don’t settle with just one quote. Talk to different car insurance providers, compare their services, and go for the one that offers insurance at an affordable rate.

As you have invested a lot into your modified care, make sure that the insurance company provides full coverage if something unexpected happens.

Getting the right insurance for your modified car protects it from damage or other unfortunate events. Find the policy that suits your vehicle and get the best price!

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