If you are an instrument player, you are probably aware that many pesky errors just do not seem to go away unless you make careful attempts to eliminate them. Whether be it guitar, flute, or drum, one needs to be painstakingly perfect in order to give out impressive beats and sounds. The same applies to violins as well. In fact, you can say playing the violin is a little more difficult than playing many other instruments as it involves balancing the bow over the strings which may be difficult.

Violin Mistakes For You To Avoid

When you are playing the violin, there are certain things that you must remember to keep errors and mistakes at the bay. Letโ€™s run through some of the common mistakes that you can avoid making to bring perfection to your skill:

Take Control Of The Bow

This is one thing that most beginners fail at. You have to maintain the flow of the bow while also keeping it from getting out of control. You must rosin the bow evenly over each string to produce the optimal sound. If you are having hurdles getting it, you can check out some tips online. The folks from Orchestra Source claim that they can help you find more tips at Orchestra Source for honing up your violin skills as a beginner. As you practice after taking tips from the internet or a music teacher, you must remember that the pressure you are applying on the strings with your bow also matters. You must rosin the bow evenly over each string to produce the optimal sound.

Do Not Limp Wrist

Since one of your hands holds the instrument and the other moves the bow, you have to be careful as to how you position your wrist. In case your wrist collapses or bends, the stability will be hampered and you will lose the flow.

Tune Up Your Violin Before Practice

Oftentimes, it happens so that you try to play your favorite tune but it is not coming up – and you may start blaming your skill for that while it is actually the untuned violin that is causing the trouble. A tuned-up violin is ideal to practice and perform with. Tuning up your instrument will also allow you to get a good understanding of the right pitch.

Choose The Right Size

Your size defines the size of the violin you play. There are several different sizes of violin available in the market. For children and petite, small violins are convenient while as far as adults are concerned, a full-size violin is ideal.

Keep The Elbow At A Distance

As you keep playing the violin for long, you may notice that your elbow will gradually start to shift towards your body bit by bit. That is not a good sign for a perfect violin sound result holding the violin correctly is the fundamental requirement of violin practice. You must keep your elbow and entire posture firm and stable to produce the impeccable tune.

The art of playing violin asks for patience, strength, commitment, and a lot of practice. Every time you practice, you must give priority to the basic concepts of violin playing. If you know how to stand, hold, and rosin the violin correctly, you may not be very far from becoming a genius.

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