Luster Blue is among some of the most well-known online jewellery stores around today and they have an exquisite collection to choose from. The store has a splendid range that goes from Wedding jewellery to Watches for both men and women, plus Pendants to suit every occasion.

At Luster Blue, they pay great attention and produce very intricate pieces. Their Gold Jewellery is perfectly placed and mingled in with a precious stone to form the most beautiful creations and if you’re not a fan of Gold, then their range of Silver Jewellery is sure to capture your heart in a very special way. The best part about Luster Blue, however, is the fact that it lets you Buy Jewellery Online from the comfort of your own home.

The Jewellery Range

Blue Sapphire Gold Ring Luster Blue
Blue Sapphire Gold Ring

Gold – The store’s range of Gold Jewellery comprises of gorgeous designs that include something for everyone. You can choose from extravagant pieces to simple bands set with dainty precious stones that make great engagement rings or the perfect birthday gift. Then there’s the impressive collection of Gold bracelets that would be wonderful as an anniversary gift, or Mother’s day gift and they also have Gold Earrings and Pendants that are ideal for gifting or treating yourself to, the choice is yours.

Silver – If you’re not a big fan of Gold Jewellery, then the Silver range is for you. Here too there are many beautiful pieces with various prices, guaranteeing something for all. The rings are all intricately set with different precious stones, making it the ideal gift for a girlfriend or a really close family member. Then there are lovely bracelets, earrings, and pendants – all of which are unique in their own way. Each item is listed with the prices, making the process very simple. All of the jewellery on sale is made to perfection and they take a lot of care when designing the item and use only the best materials and precious stones.

Navaratna Silver Ring Luster blue
Navaratna Silver Ring

Astrological Jewellery – Here they have a great choice of Navaratna Rings/Zodiac Jewellery in various shapes to suit individual preferences. All nine stones are set in silver in different shapes, giving you excellent choice. If you have been looking for this ring and haven’t found it yet, then head over to Luster Blue, where you are sure to find what you’re looking for. This ring is said to bring good luck to the beholder and has many positive attributes associated when wearing it, making the investment completely worthwhile.

Watches – Luster Blue, has a lovely selection of watches as well for both men and women. They understand the meaning of timeless elegance and showcases this concept with the choices available. No matter what kind of watch you like wearing, you can be certain of finding the perfect one at their online store. Not only will this add more sophistication to your overall appearance but it also lets you stay classy in style.

Certified Guarantee with High Quality

The store understands how nervous some people might be about purchasing jewellery online and most importantly whether the gems, gold and silver used is the real deal. At Luster Blue, every purchase comes with a certificate that guarantees the items authenticity. All the store’s jewellery items and watches come certified and they only provide their clients with the best. Each item is created with their client’s requirements kept at the forefront and each purchase is handled with care.

Ring Chart

If you are uncertain of what your ring size might be, don’t panic as they provide you with the information to figure that out. Just head over to their webpage where everything is listed and simple follow their step-by-step guide to finding the right ring size for you.

Shipping Information

Once the purchased has been made, the item will be shipped from there warehouse within 48 hours. The dispatch will be notified to the client via an email with all the necessary shipping details listed. They further offer free island wide shipping. However, for any purchase over $100.00/=, there will be an insurance charge. In the instance of the item being misplaced while shipping all the postal charges will be covered by Luster Blue and if you would like to know more information, the contact details are listed below.

Email Address[email protected]

Contact Number – +94 77 94 58 712

Looking at all the unique jewellery the store has to offer, they do seem like a great place to purchase from. Not only is everything done online but the entire process, including delivery, is handled exceptionally well. If you have been looking for great online jewellery stores in Sri Lanka, then be sure to head over to Luster Blue.

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