Getting your first gun is one of the biggest steps you can make in life. And like anything else in life, you need to ensure you have some idea of what you are getting. If not, you will probably get a gun that isn’t compatible with the needs you’re looking to buy it for.

Some helpful tips can help you get the right gun when buying a gun for the first time. It would help if you learned these tips before letting the excitement of getting a gun get the better of you. Here are some valuable tips you can use when looking to buy a gun.

Types of Firearms

The first thing you need to do is research the firearm before you decide on the gun to get. And there are several types of firearms in the market. Some of the standard guns you can get include;

  • Pistols – the standard type of gun in the market today has got to be pistols. They are also known as handguns – they are small guns. These guns are easy to carry around and have great accuracy.

The accuracy of these guns is excellent because the rifling is designed to withstand pressure. And you can shoot the gun with one hand if there’s a need to do so. The other reason these guns are great is they are perfect for self-defense, protection, etc.

  • Shotguns – if you are looking for a gun for bird hunting or skeet shooting, a shotgun is the ideal gun. These guns have longer barrels than handguns. The barrels are also a bit thinner than that on a handgun.

The barrels have a smooth bore, and this causes the ammunition to spin. And these guns, due to the thin barrels, can’t handle much pressure.

  • Semi-Automatic – some guns, you don’t need to reload when using them manually. These are semi-automatic guns. These guns self-load and repeat that automatically cycle a new round until it’s done. You will have to release the trigger and rest the sear before pulling it again, though.
  • Rifles – When looking for a firearm for long-range shooting, you need to get a rifle or a long gun. This gun has a rifled, long barrel with thicker walls – it can withstand pressure.

These guns are also entirely accurate and can fire bullets from long distances. You can use this gun for both sports shooting and hunting.

What You Need to Buy A Gun

It would help if you then found out what you need to buy a gun in your state. You need to provide some documents at least before you can get the gun. Every state has its own set of laws regarding the purchase of firearms.

Regardless of state, the first thing you need to buy a gun is a valid photo ID. It means you need to have a driver’s license or a government-issued ID. You can also produce a military ID before you can buy a gun.

Also, there will be a background check done on you before getting the gun.

Background Check

Before you buy a gun, regardless of state, you will need to fill out an ATF Form 4473. This is a firearm transaction form that the government requires. In that form, you are to agree you are legally eligible to buy a gun.

The seller will then have to review your information; ensure you fill the form truthfully. That info will also be relayed to the FBI, and it will be run through databases that do background checks. 

The FBI will either approve, deny or delay the gun sale depending on your info. When there’s a delay, the FBI may need more info on you before deciding on the sale.

Try Before You Buy

It would help if you tried out the gun before you could buy it. You can also check out some of the accessories that the gun comes with before you buy. By testing, you will know if you are getting your money’s worth for the gun or not.

For example, if you are getting an AR-15, you need to ensure it’s the type of gun for your specific needs. It would help if you tried out the scope for AR-15 before you make any purchase. If it isn’t what you desire, you can change the choice of rifle.

Securing a Storing Your Gun

Lastly, it would help if you had a safe place to keep the gun before you get the gun. A gun is like an investment, and you need to protect it well. Ensure that you have a place where environmental factors don’t destroy your weapon.

Humidity, dust, and oil can damage the gun by tarnishing it or causing the metal to rust or corrode. You also want to ensure that your weapon is clean at all times. If it gets wet, you need to dry it as soon as you get to the house.

After every use of the rifle, you need to ensure that you clean it. Only use the right methods are equipment to clean your gun.

Before you buy a gun, you need to have some gun tips handy. Here are some of the tips you need to have before you can buy your first gun. They ensure you get the right gun and that you keep the gun safe after buying it.

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