Language can be a barrier, an obstacle that stands between you and your success. If you want to work and live in a foreign country, but you don’t know the official language, you won’t have a chance. Namely, if you want to move to Japan, first, you have to learn Japanese. While this seems impossible, you can do it by taking an online language course at

Learning the native language of the country where you want to live, work, or travel to, is the best way to get accepted by the locals. Although it may seem difficult, especially if you are learning it as a busy adult, it doesn’t have to be. Actually, you can speak a foreign language fluently in 3 months. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Take Online Classes

Online language classes are usually 1-on-1 classes where you learn with a tutor. They are a great option for all those who want to learn a foreign language fast because the tutor adjusts the material and plans the classes according to students’ needs and abilities. Plus, they provide you with individual feedback on your performance during class so you can see what you should pay more attention to and what’s good. It’s also adaptable to your schedule and available everywhere, hence you can use any spare minute to have a class or work on repetitions.

2. Use Language Apps

The best and easiest way to learn a language is by using language apps. You just install them on your phone and learn on the go. They are great for learning the basics of a language and can help you build a rich vocabulary.

3. Learn Basic Words and Phrases

Speaking of the most common words and phrases, you should aim to learn them first. You may not know how to say, “Excuse me, sir, could you tell me where the bathroom is?” But you will be able to say something as simple as “bathroom where?” Although it sounds too basic, it will serve you.

4. Skip the Grammar

Although vocabulary and grammar go hand in hand, when learning a language for fluency, you need only the basic words and phrases. So, don’t focus on grammar at the beginning but on common phrases and conjunctions, if you need to speak the language at a basic level. You can learn the grammar once you master the basics of a language.

5. Repeat

There’s a Latin proverb which says that “Repetition is the mother of all learning.” It’s actually the best way to learn anything, especially a foreign language. By repeating every word and phrase you have learned, you practice its pronunciation, meaning, use, and memorize it faster. Therefore, you should try to repeat out loud everything you learn in the target language. Make sure to decorate your whole house with sticky notes with each word/phrase written over so you can see them and repeat them anytime, it’s the most efficient way to remember words.

6. Listen

It’s a fact that the best way to learn a language is to be exposed to it. The best way to do it from your home is by listening to conversations, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, and watching movies in the target language. This way, you will unconsciously learn some words, repeat those you have learned and see how they are used naturally to quickly improve your language skills.

7. Speak

Apart from listening to the target language, you should speak it. Of course, you can’t make a complex sentence from day one, but you can say the words and phrases you have learned out loud. By speaking, you practice pronunciation and repeat what you have learned. And, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you learn from them.

8. Practice by Communicating with a Native Speaker

If you really want to learn a foreign language fast, you should communicate with a native speaker. Repeating what you have learned out loud will help you learn the pronunciation, but communicating with a native speaker will put your knowledge into practice. They will also show you where you make mistakes and suggest what you should improve. You’ll catch some words and proper pronunciation by just listening to them talk.

9. Go on a 3-month Trip to a Country Where the Language You Learn Is Official

We already mentioned that being exposed to the language you learn is the best and easiest way to learn it. While you can do this in the comfort of your home, it would be perfect if you could actually go to the country where that language is official. Why? Because you will be constantly surrounded by people who are native speakers. Moreover, you will be part of that culture and will learn about their customs and tradition. They will help you understand the language better and learn colloquialisms.

10. Be Consistent

If you want to learn a language in 3 months, you have to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into it. Although you cannot commit to 8-hours a day studying, you should learn at least 30 minutes to one hour per day. In this way, you will be consistent in your learning, so you won’t forget what you have learned previously. Good luck!

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