Finding quality breeders for labrador puppies within your state can be difficult. You need to make sure that the breeder is reputable and regulated by the correct authorities to ensure the best quality of the puppy.

Lucky Labs is a reputable breeder based in Canada. They are supported by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and have a great reputation when it comes to their labrador puppies.

For people in Michigan who are looking to adopt labrador puppies, now is a great time to take advantage of the dollar exchange and make your way across the border to bring a new member of the family home.

Why Adopt Puppies From Canada?

Lucky Labs are one of the leading breeders of labrador puppies and they can provide labradors of all colors.

This is a registered breeder that can provide labrador puppies for sale at all times of the year, and at just 15 minutes away across the border, they are a great option for people in Michigan.

Getting a quality Labrador puppy can be an expensive move for your family to make, but using the USA/Canadian dollar exchange is a way to save money without compromising on the quality.

Lucky Labs have labrador puppies for sale in Canadian dollars, and those based in the United States can save hundreds by taking advantage of the exchange rate when buying a puppy.

Taking a puppy across the border is made easy thanks to all of the work that these breeders do for you. They will help with any legal documents and forms that need to be complete, ensuring that you can safely bring your new puppy home across the border without an issue.

They are based in Canada, but Lucky Labs has one of the top labrador breeding programs in North America, which is why they are an excellent choice for people in Michigan or any other state. They have a four-year warranty for their puppies when it comes to any major organs, so they can provide support during the early years of your puppy’s life.

There is a lot of help and advice available at their website: where you can learn more about what they offer to US customers.

What Do I Pay For?

Buying labrador puppies is expensive, but the high price covers not only the dog itself, but also some training, documentation, and veterinary bills when you buy through Lucky Labs.

Labrador puppies are available for sale at eight weeks old. By this point, they will have already undergone a vet examination to ensure they are healthy and safe to move to a new home.

When you buy labrador puppies through Lucky Labs, you are also getting this vet examination, as well as free puppy health insurance, microchips, and lifetime support from the breeders.

The breeders will also provide some basic training with their puppies from birth, which can make it easier for you to get them trained within their new home and routine.

While the costs might be high when shopping through a breeder like Lucky Labs, this is to ensure the quality and safety of all of their labrador puppies. These costs apply to all customers, whether they are from the United States or Canada, but US-based customers can save money through the exchange rate.

Find Labrador Puppies For Sale

Lucky Labs offer all colors of labradors, but their availability can vary based on the demand for the puppies.

Labrador puppies are always in high demand as this has been the most popular breed of dog for over 25 years, and it seems as though this is not going to change any time soon!

To see what puppies are available for sale and how you could expand your family by bringing a dog home, visit the Lucky Labs website. They will have a listing of their puppies on the website or their Facebook page that you can use to choose the perfect new addition to your family.

You can also see what other families have to say about their services on social media, and see the hundreds of puppies who have found their forever homes over the border thanks to Lucky Labs.

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