For some reason, homeowners regard their backyard as one big open-door larder. As the years go by, they throw all their unwanted stuff there and it is not before long that clutter starts to form. Aesthetically, it suffocates the backyard until the point where it longer serves its primary service. If your yard has been allowed to become a large storage unit with piles of unwanted things, then perhaps it’s time to make the transition from a junkyard to having your backyard reinstated. The keyword in this process is organization. There is no real need to throw all the stuff straight into the garbage, but just to organize it in a more fastidious and meaningful manner. Renting a container from can be a good help in sorting out potential things you have that could be good for future use, into things to give away and throw away. If you are still unsure how to achieve this, we offer a short “how to” guide when it comes to doing a backyard makeover. If you take action now, it won’t be long before you could start enjoying your garden space.

Garden ornaments

One thing that will prove useful in your new garden are all kinds of ornaments, such as statues, sculptures, and fountains. Even old pots and jugs can be cleaned and used again. With a touch of paint and some ornate patterns, they can be brought back to life. If you seal all the holes in pots, they can be used for flowers and tastefully set all over the backyard. The fountain can be connected to a water source, as most backyards have a tap somewhere. Soon enough, water will be pouring down them again.

In fact, you can use brick debris to form a channel that will act as an artificial stream heading from the fountain to the gutter that would be masked by vegetation. Along with this rivulet, you can place statues of goblins and angels or sculptures of animals. It is really up to your imagination how you will combine all the ornaments you salvaged or purchased.

Cleaning up

First things first, you need to clean the place up. Like we said, this doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, but just making the whole space clean as possible. This activity involves clearing as well, so you’d know the exact size of your yard after all the junk is gone and the vegetation had been cut down. This process can get tricky if your backyard has been neglected for a longer period of time. Fortunately, there are some excellent rubbish removal companies in Sydney that can take care of that for you. By “junk,” we mean the things that are either beyond repair or you simply no longer have any use for them. For instance, if you have an old chair with a broken leg that can be fixed, there is some point in saving it and having it repaired. If the chair is missing three legs and it is rusty beyond repair, then just chuck it into the dumpster because you cannot possibly reuse it. After this “junkyard triage,” you should be left with a nice and clean backyard to play with in terms of design.

Reviving the lawn

Because your lawn wasn’t properly taken care of, it is likely that it is all parched. Dry, yellow grass is definitely something that you don’t want in your backyard. That is why you have to start watering it so it will return its verdant color. Do this before you start any work so the grass will have time to grow. If the turf is completely gone in some places, buy some new one at the local garden center. Although it is rather expensive, you can even lay patches of artificial grass in areas you deem necessary. Whatever the role of your backyard is, it is definitely going to have a green surface.

A vegetable garden

An ideal solution for any backyard that needs to be sprung into life. Delegate one part of the yard for a vegetable garden and start growing your organic food. A homemade tomato juice is something that every family member will look forward to. This way, you save yourself the trip to the supermarket and you know exactly what you are consuming. On the plus side, the plants will act as a natural fertilizer and they will feed the growth of nearby grass and trees. If the garden is small enough, you don’t even have to be a green thumb to upkeep it properly. Just buy the basic garden accessories and you are good to go.

Build a swing

You are bound to have some food debris lying around left over from a renovation project ages ago. If it hasn’t rotten away, you can use it to build a swing for your kids. Apart from wooden beams, you will need some rope to attach the seat. The swing can be self-standing if it’s for small children that won’t put too much weight on it or it can be attached to a tree if adults are going to use it as well. Before installing the swing, inspect the branch to check if it can support the weight of an adult person.

If the wood you have lying around is cut into small pieces, perhaps you can cut it into even smaller ones and use them in the garden. Mulch that you buy from a store is made this way, so why not produce some of your own? It can be soaked in paint and sprinkled over the soil to protect it and make it look nicer.

Build a fire pit

Apart from wood and metal, there is bound to be some extra stone in your backyard. It could have been part of some old sculpture or it was part of a wall that was demolished. Anyway, it can now be repurposed as the rim of a DIY stone fire pit. Gather it all up, beat it into shape, and lay it in a circle. After it is secured by some mortar, your fire pit is ready. It will help you prolong the time you can use the garden during the day, as the whole family can gather around it during the night. You could tell horror stories of how your backyard used to look like while roasting marshmallows.

The road a backyard goes from being just a dump site for all the unwanted junk to becoming an oasis of tranquility made from that very junk is rather short. The transition requires little time and money, but a lot of goodwill on your part as the homeowner is needed nevertheless.

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