Knowing whether to continue your education at university is tough, as there are many reasons why you may want to, but also things that are stopping you. Only you know what you want to do with your life; remember this should be your decision, but making a pros and cons list can help you to get your thoughts on paper. Here are some things to consider to help make up your mind on the subject.

Have You Got Enough Cash?

If you do not have any cash saved up, going to university can be tough. You need to be prepared to pay for stationery and books for your course, and if you are moving out, you need enough cash to get the basics for your new dorm room. If you are thinking of moving if you go to university, hereโ€™s a great list of everything you might need. If you do think you will go off to study, it is worth saving some money from a part-time or full-time job, but for those already studying this can be difficult.

Do You Know What You Want to Study?

This is one of the hardest choices before choosing where to go. Knowing what we want to do for the rest of our lives at this age is so hard, therefore it is best to do something that you really find interesting or something you are good at. If you really donโ€™t know what you want to do, choosing to go to university just because all your friends are going may not be the best option. Choosing the wrong course may make you unhappy, and you may realize in a yearsโ€™ time what you really want to do with your life. Talk to family and friends; most people have been in the same position and they may be able to offer you advice that can help you choose your career field.

Do I Want to Move Away?

Of course, you do not have to move away from home to study, but many university applicants do. There may not be a university near you that does the course you want, or you may be accepted into universities further afield. There may be something going on at home, meaning you do not want to leave your family at the time, but you still want your degree. If you are finding the thought of leaving home very hard, there are other options such as the Umass Amherst MBA. For business students who want to excel in their field but do not want to leave home, this allows you to study online. This is a fantastic option for anyone that needs to stay at home and work as it allows for more flexible working hours.

If you cannot go to university right now due to money issues or you havenโ€™t been accepted into the university you want, remember there are many different ways to combat this. If you need to take a year out to earn or apply again, the university isnโ€™t going anywhere.

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