Depending on where you are from in the world, Teen Patti will either be something you’ve never heard of before, and a brand new game to learn, or something you know about, regardless of whether you have played or not.

The game is hugely popular in various Asian countries, with India leading the way and growth there has been helped by Teen Patti real cash games now being available to play online. This means no more planning local games, players have the freedom to play when and where they want, and also with who they want.

Elsewhere, the game is very low-key, and in some parts of the world, there will be very few people who have heard of it. Will this change over the next decade though? There are many aspects of Teen Patti that people will love, if they knew about them, so is this the new card game to try and study, in preparation for a potential growth over the next few years?

Does Teen Patti Have Global Appeal?

The simple fact is that at the moment Teen Patti appeals to very few around the world. However, that is not because this game is not good, the reason is that very few people know about the game outside of Asia.

If that was to change, which could well happen now given that the game is available online, and providers are creating new and better online versions to cater for the needs of Asia, then things may be very different.

There is a big gap in the online gaming market that needs to be filled, with a particular type of game, and it just so happens that Teen Patti is pretty much that game.

A Simplified Version of Poker

More people reading this article will have heard of poker than they have Teen Patti. That is because poker is an incredibly popular game all over the world, not because it is better.

While poker appeals to many, with huge events for professional players such as the World Series of Poker, there are some people out there who find the game a little too complex and stop playing because of that. This is where Teen Patti can find a place in the market, by offering a simplified version of poker, because this is what it essentially is.

This can be promoted in two ways, either as a simplified alternative to poker, or as a simple pathway towards playing poker, a place where the basics can be learnt by players before moving onto the more complex game.

Should either of these be marketed properly, the numbers playing Teen Patti in other parts of the world would certainly rise. Given how well established the gaming industry is, and how the leaders are already known and loved, this may be the best kind of option for a game that is new to the market.

A place is there, and if Teen Patti wants to grow, it may have to take that place.

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