When it comes to online casino games, most of us are at least somewhat familiar with the majority of games that we can play. We’ve all played one form of poker or another, and blackjack is a simple enough concept too. Even if we’ve never actually played roulette, we’re all familiar with the concept of picking a number, while slots are also pretty self-explanatory. From the standard selection of games available at the sites on wishcasinos.com there is really just one game that carries an air of mystery for most players: Baccarat. Most people, if they know anything about the game, will know that James Bond is famously a keen player. And, well, that’s about it.

Does this mean that Baccarat is hard to play, or to learn? Well, not really, although the rules can look somewhat confusing written down. It is really a relatively simple game, and if you are looking for a casino game where the pressure is off you, then it might just be the best choice you can make. There are just a few key points that you need to remember, and then you can take to the table, whether online or on a casino cruise, and play with as much comfort and confidence as 007 himself.

You don’t make any decisions about the hands being dealt

When the time comes for cards to be dealt at a Baccarat table, you don’t need to be thinking about what you need to do depending on which cards come out. The only decision you make in a game of Baccarat is whether the Dealer hand or the Player hand is going to win. You make that bet before you’ve even seen the cards, so this isn’t a game which tests your analytic abilities. You can’t really be “bad” at Baccarat; or maybe more accurately, the only way you can be bad is by thinking you need to be better at the game; if you understand it, Baccarat is basically like betting on a coin toss.

The Dealer/Banker hand will probably win

At first glance, it might seem like Baccarat is an even game; the “players” have two or maybe three cards to get as close to 9 as possible. In truth, because the Dealer gets a final card based on the Player hand, the Dealer is slightly more likely to win. That might sound like bad news if you see the “Player” as you. But remember, you can bet on either hand, so Dealer and Player are literally both just names for the hands being dealt. So, generally, the smarter bet is to back the Dealer (or Banker as they may be called), because they will win more often. But you can mix it up by occasionally backing the Player, which makes for a marginally larger payoff if it wins because the Dealer hand takes a small commission of your winnings.

Don’t bet on the Tie

A Banker win is more likely to happen, but pays less. A Player win is marginally rarer with a bigger payoff. So the main two bets can feel like something of a wash. What about betting on the Tie? After all, it tends to pay out at 8 to 1, which is a decent chunk. That may seem like a tempting bet to make, but the reality is that the tie happens marginally less often than once in every eleven hands. So the payout is smaller than it should be, giving the house a massive edge on tie bets. The only time when it might make sense to back the tie is with a small stake and if you’re already well ahead and can afford a moonshot. If it loses, no big deal. If it comes off, great! You’ve made a decent win for a small outlay.

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