Also known as e-collars or electronic remote collars, remote trainers are used to delivering remote shocks to a dog as a way of discouraging bad behaviours. However, some of the collars are installed with programs such as vibration or beep that comes before the shock. Shock collars devices may be used together with fences to prevent the dog from going astray. The technique of training a dog by use of shock collars is deemed effective and has the following importance.

1. Helps to Fix the Behavior of a Dog from a Distance

The above method is suitable as it allows the owner of the dog to correct the behaviour of a pet even when they are not around. This is unlike other methods of dog training which cannot allow a trainer to monitor and control the dogโ€™s behaviour if they are not close to it. The dog can, therefore, respond to off-leash commands. 

2. Works Even in the Absence of the Owner/Trainer

Shock collars give commands to a dog even when a trainer has gone to some places, leaving alone the pet behind. For example, the collar and the fence work to keep the dog safe since it cannot run away. Additionally, the technique is beneficial in controlling aggressive behaviours such as barking.

3. Helps when the Voice Command is not effective

Shock collar method is important for dog training because it can be used when the voice commands cannot be used. In such a case, the voice commands are no longer useful for imparting the necessary commands to the dog. The technique is also suitable in a situation where the dog does not obey the verbal commands or avoids them.

4. Minimizes Dogโ€™s Aggression

Taming aggressive behaviours in dogs sometimes may not work successfully with the use of more gentle training methods. A shock collar sends a signal and subsequently relays a shock to the dog each time it is involved in aggressive behaviour. It is important to note that the shock collar works even when the owner is not around. The dog is therefore prevented from worse situations that may occur.

5. Gives Immediate Feedback

The method gives the required information instantly after the command has been issued. With such feedback, the dog trainer is able to know whether the pet has associated the behaviour with the command given. The technique is different from other methods which delay in giving feedback over a particular behaviour.

6. The Punishment does not come from the Owner/Trainer

The dog gets the punishment from the collar and not you as the trainer. As such, the dog cannot build a negative relationship with you. When a dog associates the punishment with the owner, it becomes hard to successfully give future training.

7. It is a Cheap Method

Since installing this technique to your dog does not cost a lot, many dog owners or trainers can use the method to accrue the much benefits. However, there are different features of the shock collar depending on the price.

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